Morning (Noon and Night) Sickness

Posted on 06. Feb, 2010 by in Morning Sickness

Yet another morning where you have to control the urge to empty your already empty stomach while brushing your teeth.  Morning sickness isn’t something that affects every pregnant woman and it isn’t to the same degree either. Some just have a mild queasiness for part of the day and some have it so extreme that it is called hyperemesis gravidarum. My first pregnancy and my current pregnancy both had morning sickness. Some days it was all day, some days it wasn’t. Some days it was manageable and some days I was pretty miserable.  Morning sickness for me this last time around was worse than the first.

There are a variety of helpful tricks to helping control morning sickness even medications for those who have trouble keeping food down. One of the things I was told to help with the nausea was to eat small frequent meals.  Another thing was to never let yourself get to starving or on the flip side to stuff yourself with food.  Both made the nausea worse for me.  Eating a few crackers first thing in the morning before moving around may help make the start of the day easier.  Vitamin B6 is available over the counter and taken once a day may help with morning sickness. If needed, prescription medications like phenegran and zofran have been known to be used when morning sickness keeps you from keeping food down. However, don’t take any medications without first consulting your health care provider.

Mamakat- My name is Katie.   I’m a full-time working mother to one son who is 19 months old and expecting another in June.  I’ve been an active member of the APA forums since November 2007.

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