Here’s To Mom(s)

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Mother’s Day is this coming Sunday.  For many of us this is a wonderful celebration as we seek to honor our mothers and what they have done for us.  For others it is a special celebration because of the newly crowned status of “mom” with the arrival of their new bundle of joy.  Our first time moms who are making the journey through pregnancy get to celebrate the newly donned mother title as well.

Moms are special people, there is no doubt about that.  The endless nights of feeding, caring for the boo-boos, changing the diapers, and so much more.  They are full time domestic engineers with mandatory overtime.  Yes, some fathers rise to the occasion to tackle some of these duties.  And the good news is that this is even becoming more of a common place as well.  But no matter what moms bear the blunt of the domestic challenges of caring for our priceless babies.

Unfortunately, mother’s day can also be a day of pain or sadness.  Some of us have lost our mothers because their time on this earth has come to a close.  No matter how long they were with us, the time is always to short.  Mother’s Day is also a challenging celebration for those who are trying to grow their family and success has not been experienced.  Months and months of BFNs are highlighted when this day arrives to celebrate that which you want more than anything, but it just is not happening.

Hugs to all of those who have lost their mother.  Hugs to all of those pursuing the dream and title of mother without having the success.  These are both pains that people don’t fully understand unless they have gone through them.  The emptiness in either situation just hurts.  Please accept our hugs, prayers, well-wishes and all during this time when celebrating Motherhood is more of a challenge than a celebration.

My mother is not here, but I am saying it to her anyway “Happy Mother’s Day” mom – you were the best.  Blogging is not supposed to bring tears right.  To my wife and the mother of my kids, “Happy Mother’s Day” – there is nobody doing it better.  The kids and I are both blessed beyond imagination.  To the birthmoms of our children, “Happy Mother’s Day” – you are truly champions.  Thanks for being the mothers that made it possible for us to be “mother and father.”  And I can also attest that your new children are both amazing.

What do you want to say to your mother?  Want to shout out a Mother’s Day wish.  Join on in – moms are worth it.  Is this your first Mother’s Day as a new mother, how are you feeling about it?  What are you doing to celebrate?  Are you getting spoiled?  What was your favorite thing about your mother?  If it is about mom, mother’s, motherhood, or anything motherly drop us a line.

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