5 Tips To Help You Get Some Sleep During Pregnancy

Posted on 28. Oct, 2011 by in Pregnancy Education

Sleep – it’s one of those things that all of us need, pregnant or not.

But for pregnant women, sleep couldn’t be more important. Not only do you need it to function normally, but you especially need to be well rested for your body to undertake its job of making a baby.

Throughout your pregnancy sleep can tend to elude you at all different trimesters and stages. But have no fear – I’ve compiled five tips that I’m sure will help you find your REM state during your pregnancy.

1. Exercising And Caffeine: Get your sweat on during the day, not at night. Give your body time to settle down before it goes to bed. This means exercise should be done in the morning or afternoon and caffeine should be had prior to 2 p.m.

2. Keep Your Stress Levels Low: Not only is this beneficial for your sleep but it’s also healthy for your baby. Do whatever you need to do to not stress during your pregnancy. Anxiety is also a culprit for insomnia, so nip that in the bud as well. Try practicing Yoga and find someone to talk to on a regular basis about any concerns you have. Experience your emotions in a healthy way by talking about your anxiety, concerns, doubts, and troubles with a professional or a good friend – or both if that helps.

3. Get Into A Routine: This could entail drinking a big cup of hot decaffeinated tea before bedtime. Whatever helps to calm you down and helps you to relax before bedtime will help with your sleep.

4. Nap During The Day: If you are finding that you simply aren’t getting enough sleep at night, or worse – not getting any sleep at all during the night, then don’t feel guilty about napping midday. You need your rest – so get it whenever and wherever you can.

5. Buy New Pillows: Some pregnant women tend to find insomnia relief in body pillows, others in wedge pillows for under their legs. Whatever kind of pillow you think will help you get comfy at night, go out and purchase it – now.

Your best sleep position as your belly grows is to sleep on your side. This side positioning takes a lot of pressure off your bladder and your back, and it can help increase the amount of blood and nutrients that can make their way to your placenta and baby.

Sleeping on your back and your stomach should be avoided during pregnancy. Not only are they not all that safe for your baby, they’re really not safe for you and your growing belly either. Sleeping on your back and stomach can cause back problems, breathing problems, digestive problems, low blood pressure, and decrease circulation to your heart.

When all else fails when pregnancy insomnia sets in, make an appointment with your doctor and voice your concerns. The both of you can find a safe solution so that you and your baby can get some rest.


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