6 Things To Pack In Your Hospital Bag

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Things can get crazy enough on their own when your due date nears, never mind having to remember a list of things to pack in your hospital bag.

It’s best to put your hospital bag or suitcase together a month or so before your due date arrives. This way, not only will you be less likely to forget anything, but you’ll also have peace of mind that your bag is packed and ready to be grabbed on a moment’s notice.

Here’s a general list of what should be accompanying you to the hospital when it’s time to welcome your bundle of joy into the world. Keep in mind that this list is a rather loose one and can – and should – be tailored to you and your family’s needs.

1. Pajamas Or Comfortable Clothes: You’ll most likely want to change into something more familiar than those unattractive hospital gowns. Having your own clothes to get cozy in after delivering will not only help you to relax and heal but it also will help to move around and get to know your new baby. Be sure to throw a pair of slippers and your bathrobe into your bag as well – both will bring much needed relief to you after delivery.

2. Comfortable Bras: If you plan on nursing, bring a nursing bra – if not, then make sure to pack one of your most stretchy and comfortable bras. Your breasts will not be at their normal size after delivery and having this small but important garment will help you feel at ease and unexposed.

3. Underwear: With this you have options – some hospitals supply their new mothers with underwear since you’ll be bleeding for a little while after you deliver. You can choose to wear the hospital underwear or you can buy a few cheap pairs that you won’t mind ruining in case you do bleed through them. Comfy underwear are very important post-delivery, so choose your pairs wisely.

4. The Car Seat: This may go without saying, but it’s still the most important thing to bring with you – don’t forget to bring your baby’s car seat. The hospital will not allow your new angel to leave without the seat being properly installed in your backseat.

5. Video Camera, Camera, And Extra Batteries: Don’t rely on your cell phone to capture your child’s delivery into this world. Have your video camera and camera stocked with brand new batteries and be sure to pack extra as you and your partner will be snapping lots of pictures and recording lots of videos. These are all important moments that you can’t get back so be sure your electronic devices are in good working order and are ready to capture all the magic.

6. Your License, Glasses Or Contacts, And Your Toothbrush: If you wear contacts, remember to bring their case and some solution. You’ll need a picture ID for the paperwork and insurance purposes. And trust me, you’ll never be so happy to see your toothbrush in your life.

It’s the little things that will make you feel at your most comfortable after delivery – so adjust this list according to your needs and desires.


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