Prenatal Yoga: Yoga During Your Pregnancy

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Practicing prenatal Yoga during your pregnancy has many benefits to both you and your baby.

If done correctly, prenatal Yoga is a great way to keep fit during pregnancy – it can also help you with your posture, reduce back tension, help to prevent leg cramps, and provide you with helpful breathing and calming techniques that you can use during labor.

As with any and all exercise routines, you should check with your doctor prior to starting them – especially if you’re pregnant. Certain Yoga poses aren’t beneficial to you or your child and should be avoided. Your doctor and Yoga instructor can inform you of those poses you should be avoiding. However, for the most part. doctors are usually very accepting of their patients practicing Yoga during their pregnancies as Yoga is a relaxing and low-risk way to get your body ready for labor.

Prenatal Yoga can be done in a studio with the help of a teacher or there are many prenatal DVD’s available on the market today that allow you to practice in the comfort of your own home. If you choose to practice at a studio, you’re sure to become a part of a positive community and encounter an open environment to foster relationships with other expecting women.

Yoga During Each Trimester:

First Trimester:

Once you get the okay from your doctor to begin (or continue) practicing Yoga during your pregnancy, you won’t be as limited in your first trimester at avoiding certain poses as you will be when your pregnancy progresses. So, the first trimester is a wonderful time to get yourself into a Yoga routine.

Second Trimester:

This is when you’ll most likely have to start modifying some of the Yoga poses. Be sure to listen to your body, if a pose is stretching too far for you – recognize that and enlist the help of the instructor to find an alternate pose if you’re practicing in a studio. If you’re practicing at home, don’t continue too deep into the pose or stretch and do your research online to find comparable poses suitable for pregnant women.

Third Trimester:

Modification of poses is key at this stage. Also remember to open your legs and hips more to accommodate your belly and your baby. Your center of gravity is surely changing and coming in and out of poses should be done with ease and care. Use your intuition as well, especially as you near your due date – if the pose doesn’t feel comfortable for both you and your baby then don’t do it, it’s that simple. Yoga props may be beneficial in helping you into and out of certain poses at this stage (or any stage, really) in your pregnancy so feel free to use them as well.


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