The Essentials of a Maternity Wardrobe

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Today’s maternity clothes are much more stylish then those of prior years. And there are a few essentials that should be added to any maternity wardrobe.

We’ve got you covered with some of the essentials, some must-have pieces, and some additions that lean more towards the optional rather than the required.


Underwear & Bras: These are essentials to the max. It’s imperative that you’re comfortable at your core and choosing breathable, movable, and stretchy undergarments is where to start. Choose ones that will have some give to them and grow with you throughout your pregnancy.

Jeans: A great pair of jeans is so versatile even if you’re not pregnant; but a fantastic pair of maternity jeans can carry you to meetings, dress-down-day at work, and even weekend excursions. Invest in a couple of pairs of maternity jeans to carry you through your pregnancy and beyond.

Khakis: Khakis are as versatile as jeans when it comes to pairing them with anything as they go with every color. Pick up a pair of maternity pants in a khaki color and your wardrobe dilemmas are solved before they even start.

Flat Shoes: A nice pair of flats, perhaps even in wide width, will be beneficial for all outings, both casual and career, throughout your pregnancy. Remember that swelling of feet and hands are common at some point during the nine months, so the wider width will most likely be a blessing to your feet.

Shirts: Purchase a few bigger shirts, they don’t necessarily even have to be maternity, just the larger size will help to accommodate your growing belly for the nine months. I remember purchasing a white button-down shirt to dress up or down with my khakis and jeans depending on what the occasion called for.  That white button-down was a wardrobe saver on many occasions before and after my child arrived.


- Drawstring pants: Great for lounging around the house in.

- Elastic-waist skirts: When you want to slip something on fast that needs to be on the dressier side.

- Over-sized sweaters: Your temperature tends to fluctuate during pregnancy so a comfortable sweater will become your best friend when it starts to feel a little chilly.

- Larger jackets: Even going a size up, or better yet – save money and where you guy’s jacket, will be comfortable for you when you have the need to throw a jacket on during your pregnancy.

- Stylish Accessories: While these aren’t a necessity by any means, accessories can make or break an outfit so be sure to choose some basic ones that can accommodate career and casual outfits for the entire nine months.

Did you have some can’t-live-without pieces during your pregnancy? Or perhaps you remember something you wish you had during your first pregnancy? Please share with our readers what your best maternity clothing was – we’d love to be in the know.


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