Trying To Conceive: Using Your Libido, Your Menstrual Cycle, And Your BBT As A Guide

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It’s an exciting time when you’re trying to conceive. And in this day and age, technology has advanced to the point where conceiving couples can track their best times in a number of ways.

However, it’s easy to forget that not too long ago, couples used to rely on their bodies and their intuition when it came time to conceive.

Sometimes, in the hustle and bustle of wanting to make a baby, we can get away from the simple indicators that our body gives us – such as our menstrual cycle, our libidos, and our basal body temperature. These are all fantastic cues that a woman’s body gives off that couples can utilize to best pinpoint their most accurate time to conceive.

Menstrual Cycle: A woman’s menstrual cycle is normally – and I use that term loosely as every woman’s body is different – 28 days. This means that your most fertile period would be between days 4 and 21 if you were on a 28 day cycle. If your periods are more irregular, then do some simple subtraction to find your most fertile period. Subtract 17 days from your shortest cycle and 11 days from your longest cycle – this will give you your most fertile window to try for a baby.

Your Libido: It’s true that some women simply have a lower interest in having sex while others have a high sex drive. If all is well within your body, your libido is a fantastic indicator of when your body is at its most fertile. Your libido will increase your vaginal lubrication, make you more ‘in the mood’, and can effect your basal body temperature (bbt). All these signs are indicators that your body is getting ready to ovulate, which is when you are at your prime for conceiving. It’s no wonder that your libido rises during ovulation, it’s simply your body’s natural way of letting you know you’re ripe for baby making.

Basal Body Temperature: Quite simply, basal body temperature is the temperature when your body is at rest. Experts say that tracking your BBT is a key factor in understanding when your body is ovulating.  Your BBT is taken with a special thermometer which is available in a variety of stores, be sure to read the enclosed instructions since monitoring your BBT borders on being tedious – which will ensure its accuracy.

The key with using the above three methods for conceiving is simply to be in tune with your body and its indicators. Of course, you can also ditch the above methods and simply have sex three or four times a week and put your baby making into the hands of fate. Whatever works best for you and your partner is what you should do.

Any stress that you go through has significant amounts of relativity to when and how you conceive. Try your best to make it a fun experience for you and your partner. The more pressure you put on each other can translate into difficulty with your baby making experience.

Consult your doctor and bring your questions and concerns to him/her so that they can help you every step of the way.


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