What To Expect At Your Doctor’s Visit: 1st Trimester

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Getting ready to go to your first doctor’s appointment when you’re pregnant can be wonderfully exciting – and it should be. Your appointment should be scheduled anywhere between 5-12 weeks into your pregnancy. However, if your pregnancy is considered high-risk, your doctor will most likely want to see you sooner rather than later.

This will be the first time you experience your pregnancy from a professional standpoint – it will be documented, reviewed, and spoken about with your MD – all of which is very humbling and noteworthy.

Here’s a list of eight things that you can expect will be covered at your 1st trimester’s doctor’s visit.

1. Review Of Your Medical History: Your doctor will go over everything about you such as known illnesses, family medical history, date of your last period, any medications you take, and will want to know as much information about your partner’s medical history as well – so come prepared.

2. A Full Exam: This includes a complete physical exam and possibly a pelvic and breast exam as well so the doctor can determine your overall health up to this point and going forward throughout your pregnancy.

3. A Blood Test: This will check for any iron deficiencies, your Rh factor, STD’s, and to determine your blood type.

4. Uterus Check: The doctor will determine the size of your uterus either by an ultrasound or measuring it externally.

5. Pap Smear: You will have a pap smear to ensure that you are free from any cervical cancers and to make sure that you don’t have gonorrhea, chlamydia, or group B strep.

6. A Urine Sample: This will be supplied to make sure you are not experiencing a urinary tract infection (UTI) as well as to check for any protein in your urine.

7. Diabetes Check: This step may or may not be performed depending on factors such as your weight, family history, blood pressure, and if you’ve previously given birth to a larger baby. If a diabetes test isn’t routinely done at the first visit, feel free to request one for peace of mind.

8. Determine Your Due Date: Last but certainly not least – at the end of the visit, the doctor will go over your day of conception as well as your estimated date of delivery. These days may fluctuate throughout your pregnancy but will pretty much remain within a week of each other. At this time you may or may not have an ultrasound to determine exactly how far along you are – some doctors prefer to see the developing baby with their own eyes rather than estimating.

These eight things are all in addition to the normal procedures that are done at every doctor’s visit such as taking your blood pressure, checking your weight, and recording your resting heartbeat. Bring any questions and concerns you have and review them with your doctor at each visit. No question is a silly one, so write everything on your mind down and discuss it with your doctor.


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