5 Ways To Calm Your Baby

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It can be overwhelming to parents when their baby is crying. Panic can set in if nothing seems to work, patience can run thin when it may seem like your baby will never stop crying.

First, understand that you’re not alone. Babies cry – it’s what they do. Their crying is the only form of communication they have with us so, naturally, their innate instinct is to cry when they need or want us.

Second, educate yourself on your baby. Conduct online research as to why your child may be crying, involve your doctor, and ask for help.

Thirdly, use and listen to your own motherly instincts. Nature gave them to you so that you can be the best help out there for your child. Trust yourself and believe in your instincts.

Last but not least, here are five ways to help your child when the crying sets in.

1. Listen To Your Baby: Children tend to use different cries for their different needs. The more time you spend with your infant and the more bonded you both become will help you to be more in tune with your baby’s needs.

It could be that your baby wants out of their wet diaper, or perhaps she’s hungry again. It could be something as simple as she wants to be held and be closer to you.

The better you know your baby, the more advanced you and your maternal instincts will be at being able to soothe her.

2. The Power Of Your Touch: Touch is so incredibly soothing that there have been countless studies done on it as well as numerous books written on the subject. Touch helps all, not just infants.

When you touch your baby lovingly, you’re sending her a message that things are okay – that safety is all around her.

Try giving your infant a massage, or gently stroke their face – even just touching your face to theirs for a moment or two can help calm them down.

3. Wear Your Baby: Babies thrive on being close to their mothers, and short of holding your baby in your arms twenty-four hours a day, keeping them in a front carrier or sling is your next best bet.

Baby wearing can get pricey, but it can also be done inexpensively – there are plenty of carriers and slings that are priced affordably.

By wearing your baby, you’ll get your hands and arms back and your child will get the maximum closeness they desire.

4. Get Up And Move: Oftentimes just the sensation of walking will help soothe baby. Put her in the stroller and go for a walk, or strap her in her car seat and take a drive – even walking up and down stairs can help.

Perhaps just switching chairs may help – move to a rocking chair or go from the chair to the couch.

Sometimes, it can simply be a matter of changing the scenery that can help soothe baby.

5. Everything Else: Sort of a mishmosh category – the ‘everything else’ includes pacifiers, toys, music, lighting, and the sound level.

If a pacifier works, use it. If a colorful toy catches your child’s eye, give it to them.

Perhaps the sounds of Beethoven will calm them . Shut off some lights or put some on to diversify the ambiance of where you are.

It could be that it’s too loud in the room you’re in, make it quieter. Or, on the flip side, maybe it’s too quiet in the room and the soft sound of the TV may help catch your child’s attention. Sing to her, talk softly to her, even just some low humming may help to console your little one.

  • Your child could be crying for a number of different reasons. Remain calm and try some of the above tips.
  • Consult your doctor if you feel the crying is due to illness or other factors.


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