False-positive pregnancy test, what it is and why it happens

A False-Positive Pregnancy Test: What It Is And Why It Happens

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It certainly is no fun getting a false-positive reading in anything – let alone a pregnancy test!

But before we curse the test and our bodies, it’s prudent that we understand why a false-positive reading could happen in the first place and what it is exactly.

A false-positive pregnancy test means that you’ve taken an over-the-counter pregnancy test correctly and it came out positive but you really are not pregnant.


Some of the reasons a false-positive result may occur are:

Not following directions: It seems super easy, right? Take the stick out of its package, pee on it, and wait a few minutes – how can a woman do that wrong?

It’s actually really easy to not follow the directions on a home pregnancy test. With so many various brands on the market today, each having their own set of directions and guidelines as to how to correctly take the pregnancy test, it’s fairly easy to come out with a false-positive result.

The lesson here is – read the directions! And not only read them, but follow them. If the test says wait five minutes then wait – don’t check the test after three minutes because you’re becoming impatient. And if the manufacturer’s directions state that after a certain number of minutes have passed the test will become null and void, then don’t bother fishing it out of the trash for another look. Take a new test, it’s that simple.

Certain medications: These could absolutely affect the results of a pregnancy test. Any medication that you’re taking has the ability to manipulate test results.

The most certain way of knowing your pregnant is to see your doctor for a blood test.

Defective pregnancy tests: Though few and far between, it is utterly possible to end up with a pregnancy test that shouldn’t have made it past quality control.

Hopefully you’ve purchased extra pregnancy tests so that you can try another and disregard the defective one. If you’re feeling really pumped due to the test’s defectiveness, call their 800 number and inform the company, they’ll most likely send you out a replacement free of charge.

It’s important to note that an expired pregnancy test isn’t considered defective. If you’ve had one lying around for a while and you want to chance it, that probably isn’t the best idea. Go buy yourself a new one and save yourself the anxiety of doubting the results.

If you think that you’re pregnant, there’s no better way to confirm or deny the assumption than to go and see your doctor. They will run tests that can validate your claim and render you either with child or without.

Nothing is foolproof and false results do happen. Go see your doctor to be sure.


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