10 Quick Ways to Feel Sexier During Pregnancy

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Not all of us feel sexy when we’re pregnant. Some of us glow and couldn’t feel more alive while others are battling nausea like it’s their job.

Not to fear, ladies. I’ve got you covered. Here are ten super-quick and simple ways to help you get your sexy back when there’s a bun in the oven.

1. Buy yourself some lingerie: It doesn’t have to be hot off the Victoria’s Secret runway or anything. But getting yourself a sexy piece to sleep in will help boost your morale.

2. Compliment yourself: It may sound cheesy, but boy does it work. Believe yourself wholeheartedly when you do it too.

‘My, Sarah, what a fantastic hair day you’re having’ is all it will take to raise you up a little higher.

3. Spontaneity is key: Switch things up on your partner. If dinner is usually at 6 sharp – perhaps you meet him at the door ready for desert first.

4. Change your routine: I mean your love-making routine. Try out a new position or introduce a toy.

5. Go on a date – at home: Not that you can’t go out to a restaurant, but how about planning a romantic date night in with your partner?

You can both cook dinner together, banter back and forth with the sweet talkin’, then cuddle in front of the fire or relax in his arms and watch the stars.

6. Give each other massages: Massages feel fantastic and they can help to relax you and help you feel good about yourself. And that’s what we’re going for.

7. Reconnect with your partner: Once the baby arrives, your concerns will shift off of each other for a little while and onto your new angel. So taking some extra time for each other now could make all the difference later.

8. Get pampered: I’m not sure I know a lady who wouldn’t love to be at the spa for the day getting pampered.

If this kind of activity is not in your cash flow allowance right now, don’t fret. Book yourself just a mani and pedi and ask for an extra long massage on both. Oh, and pick out the sexiest red polish you can find.

9. Love notes: Leaving love notes for each other is not only adorable, but it reminds the both of you how this baby came to be in the first place.

10. Hold hands: I know this isn’t freshman year of high school, but that doesn’t mean holding hands isn’t still cool – it is. Super cool in fact.

When is the last time you remember holding hands and whispering sweet nothings into each other’s ears? I thought so. Try it again sometime soon, it’s a very easy form of intimacy.


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