4 Ways to Manage Labor Pains Naturally

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Most moms will tell you that labor is hard, and it is. It’s true that some of us have a higher tolerance for pain than others and thus can handle the pains of labor better than others. That doesn’t mean it isn’t laborious, however.

It is, don’t be fooled. The good news is that if you’d like to have a drug-free labor, know that it’s absolutely achievable and it has been done – many, many times over.

Here are four tips to help you cope with labor pains when the time comes for your little one to make their debut.

1. Educate Yourself: By being in the know, you’ll automatically be better equipped to handle what comes your way.

Talk to your doctor or midwife about what to expect during labor, ask your friends and family about their birth experiences, and do your own research. Read books, search the Internet, browse forums, and attend birth classes – do whatever you need to to become aware and enlightened about how labor and birth play out.

2. Relax: Easier said than done, but when you relax your body and your mind, you help convince your body that there’s no need to worry – it’s safe, you’re safe, and your baby is safe and you all are going to get through labor just fine.

Relaxation opens the doors to other types of helpful states that will help you get through labor. You will be present in the moment which can help you regroup during each contraction, you will be aware and focusing on your breathing which will help you control your mind and body.

3. Move Around: Really, we weren’t meant to give birth lying in a bed hooked up to IV’s and monitoring equipment.

So if sitting on an exercise ball helps you with back labor then use the ball to your advantage and find a position that helps to take the strain off your lower back.

Perhaps soaking in a warm bath or shower will divert your attention away from the contractions or leaning into your partner will help you through the pain. Try different positions continuously until you find one, or some, that work for you.

Moving around when you’re in labor also engages gravity. Gravity can be your best friend during labor, helping to move your baby down the birth canal, off of your spine, and into position for delivery.

4. Get A Massage: Have your partner, or midwife, or doula massage your lower back, shoulders, arms, legs, temples, feet – wherever you feel you need it most.

The gentle massaging and rubbing can help bring you back to the present, feel more relaxed, and help you to better cope with labor.

●     It’s important to know and understand that every labor and birth experience is different. Things don’t always go as planned, so being educated, enlightened, and flexible is going to help you out tremendously while you’re in labor.

●     Remember that your doctor and midwife are there to help you, to educate you, and to coach you. Ask them questions, tell them your concerns, and do your own research.

●     Include your wants, wishes, and desires for your birth and labor in your birth plan but keep an open mind in case there needs to be some changes that take place.


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