The benefits of babywearing

The Benefits of Babywearing

Posted on 21. Dec, 2011 by in Birth, newborn, Pregnancy Education

Babywearing, the act of carrying your baby with the use of baby slings or wraps, has been steadily gaining in popularity over the years, and that’s a good thing because wearing your baby is incredibly beneficial to all parties involved.

I remember when my son was a newborn, carrying him was all he wanted and I was more than happy to oblige. But truth be told, my arms got tired. And I was finding it difficult to attempt to do things with one hand. So, I purchased a baby wrap and life become much easier.

I knew instinctively that wearing my baby close to me had almost magical powers. My son calmed down quicker, didn’t cry as much as he did when he wasn’t close to me, and he seemed to sleep more soundly.

Perhaps you aren’t aware of the numerous benefits that wearing your baby allows for. No problem, I’ve got you covered on four of them. Read on.

Babies feel safer when they’re close to you

It’s in their innate genetic makeup to be close to their mothers. They crave it, they insist on it, and it’s the safest place for them to be.

You’re essentially creating a womb outside of you that you carry your baby in and it is this safe atmosphere that releases your baby’s inhibitions and creates a sense of calmness that envelopes your infant. They can hear your heartbeat, feel every breath you take, and your voice and smell cradle them in safe thoughts.

It’s also prudent to mention that when your child is close to you, be it in your arms or in a carrier, your body temperature adjusts to theirs. So if your child is cold, your body temperature will rise accordingly so to warm them up to a comfortable temperature and vice versa – if they’re warm, your body will cool itself down to compensate for them.

This instant sense of security that infants get when you wear them helps them to feel calmer which can help reduce their crying and colic. It’s also this secure sense that allows babies to sleep better and longer. They’re aware that mother is close, and that’s enough to tell them it’s alright to let their guard down.

Babywearing frees up your hands and arms

Sure, you can get an array of things down with just one hand, but isn’t it easier with two?

When you wear your baby, you’re essentially killing two birds with one stone. Your baby is close to you and you get your hands back to do other things – like prepare dinner, fold laundry, even get back in touch with your inner artist and paint if you’d like.

Wearing your baby helps you bond with them

It’s all the closeness that takes place between mother and child when they’re being worn in a sling, carrier, or wrap.

This early bonding is essential in getting to know your baby and their cues, cries, and movements.

The closer you and your baby are to each other both physically and emotionally, the easier it will be to learn about each other.

Babywearing is convenient

Seriously, it is. Are you within walking distance to a store and you need to pick up a few things? Strap baby onto you and hit the road – leave the stroller at home.

Want to get some quick exercises in while baby is sleeping on you? No problem, you can do squats and lunges while baby naps in his sling.

And both moms and dads can wear baby, convenience at its best.

  • The trick with babywearing is to find your perfect carrier, sling, or wrap. Research them online, read other people’s reviews, and try them out. You can always return them and try others if one brand or design isn’t working well for you.

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