Tips for traveling with baby during the holidays

Tips for Holiday Traveling with Baby

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If your plan is to travel with your baby this holiday season, then you’re probably hoping to make things go as smooth as possible.


Even if you’re just planning a road trip, traveling with kids is tedious. Here are some tips to help take the anxiety out of holiday traveling.

Plan Early

Seriously – planning or not planning could make all the difference if you’re trip goes off without a hitch.

Make lists of what to bring, wash clothes, and stock up on essentials. You won’t be a happy camper to find that you left your baby’s pacifier at home on the kitchen counter simply because it wasn’t on the list.

Your list writing should take place weeks in advance. Start early and continuously add to it. Important things like phone charges and toothbrushes get left behind all too often – making a list can help eliminate those annoyances.

Pack Early

Start your packing weeks in advance just like your list making. Be sure to pack extra of things that you know you’re going to need, like underwear and socks.

When packing for baby, be sure to always think ahead. If you bottle-feed, then pack extra formula and nipples. Also, it’s always a good rule of thumb to have extra diapers, pacifiers, and baby wipes handy so if you need them in a hurry, they’re close at hand.

If you’re flying, you’ll want all your baby’s essentials in your carry on and close to you so that they are easily accessible. If you’re driving, keep a bag in the front seat.

Always play on the safe side and pack a first aid kid for you and your family just in case anything goes wrong or someone has an allergic reaction to foods or medicines.

Go With The Flow

When traveling, things aren’t always going to go as planned, so leave room for errors, mistakes, and accidents.

Your plane could leave or arrive late, or you may get stuck in tons of traffic. Your baby’s nap may come an hour later than usual.

Whatever the problem, know that traveling during the holidays is usually more chaotic and frenzied than any other time of the year.

Take problems in stride and don’t lose your cool. You can’t control everyone and every thing around you, but what you can focus on is you and your family’s ability to make your trip as calm and imperturbable as possible.

  • If you’re flying, find out about your airline’s baby procedures and/or restrictions well in advance, not the day of the flight.
  • When you get to where you are going, make your surroundings feel as homey as possible. This will help alleviate any anxiety your family may have about being away from your normal environment.
  • If you have any doubts about how your baby is handling the traveling, don’t be afraid to call your doctor and talk things over with them. The peace of mind will help to calm all involved.

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