4 Creative Ideas to Traditional Baby Showers

4 Alternative Ideas to Traditional Baby Showers

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Not feeling a traditional baby shower? You’re not the only one. More and more women are turning to other creative ways to celebrate their pregnancy and prepare for their baby’s arrival.

It’s not uncommon for women to receive an abundance of gifts that they may never use or need at their baby shower. So, instead, some mothers are turning to alternative ways to shower their family.

A Blessingway

Also known as a ‘Mother’s Blessing’, a blessingway is a common practice among Native Americans.

Instead of buying tons of gifts off of a registry, participants of a blessingway celebrate bringing a mother into mommy-hood by honoring and supporting the mother with activities such as belly painting, lightening candles, telling stories, or stringing beads that supporters have brought into a necklace that the expectant mother wears during her labor.

In a blessingway, you’re celebrating a woman’s entrance into becoming a mother.

A Gender-Reveal Party

These are becoming a hot topic among the mainstream crowd.

At a gender-reveal party, the baby’s gender is unknown to all accept the select few that the mother has chosen. The ultrasound tech will write down the baby’s gender on a slip of paper, and those in-the-know will have a cake baked that is decorated in a neutral color but is colored on the inside according to the baby’s gender.

Everyone, including the mother, finds out the baby’s gender together as the cake is cut. The decorations for the gender-reveal party are usually mixed and neutral. These options give the planners of the party more room to work with color-wise and allow for a more creative and eclectic design of the invitations, color scheme, and cake colors.

Presents are optional and games can be played alongside with the ‘guessing’ idea of the baby’s gender.

A Couple Shower

Instead of simply celebrating the baby, a Couple Shower celebrates the couple as they prepare for parenthood.

Gifts can be brought for the couple as well as the baby – think a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant.

Couple Showers give the planners, soon-to-be new parents, and guests a lot more alternatives and options to the normal ‘women only’ baby shower.

A Birth Shower

Instead of celebrating the baby before they’re born, Birth Showers celebrate and welcome your baby after their birth.

Parties can be had at someone’s house or at a venue of the parents’ choosing. Most parents like to plan their own Birth Shower, but the option is there to hand the planning off to the family and friends as well.


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