Finding Comfort During Labor And Delivery

Finding Comfort During Labor And Delivery

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Delivering a baby is no easy task. True that it’s a very natural thing and can usually be done without major complications, but that doesn’t trivialize the act of labor by any means.

Finding comfort, strength, and determination while you’re going through labor and delivery is a crucial and vital role for both mother and baby.

Read on for some great ways on how to find and follow your natural inner strength to help get you through labor.


It all starts with the beginning

Really, it does. By carefully selecting the best and most supportive people to have around you throughout your pregnancy, labor, and delivery is what will help you right off the bat.

Interview your prospective doctors, midwives, doulas, and other supportive individuals you plan to have around you during labor. If their views and outlooks don’t match yours on all aspects of your pregnancy and delivery, then they’re not a good match for you and your baby.

Also, the research, reading, and general education that you provide yourself with throughout your pregnancy helps tremendously as well. Lamaze classes, books, online research, and birth videos are all vital to learning about how birth happens.

Creating a solid foundation right from the start ensures the best possible outcome for the end.

Breathing and relaxation techniques

Two of the most important areas that will help you get through labor are keeping yourself focused in the moment and allowing yourself to accept and get through what’s going on during delivery.

Staying grounded with breathing techniques and relaxation mantras are a fantastic way to constantly remind yourself that you can do this, you’ll get through it, and everything will be okay.


This umbrella category includes music therapy, aromatherapy, water therapy, massage therapy, and hot & cold therapy.

All of these are ways to help relieve and ease the pain, pressure, and emotional discomfort that can come along with laboring.

Your midwife and doula will help you greatly in these areas by listening to your needs, employing techniques, and working with you to get through any difficult phases of labor.

→        It’s so important to trust yourself and your body during labor and delivery. You were designed to give birth and trusting your instincts is always your best bet.

→        Always keep in mind that every labor is different and that yours may not go according to your original plan. This is fine and totally acceptable and normal. Remember that you’ve surrounded yourself with people that you trust and they will work together with you to deliver your baby in the safest way possible.


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