Physical And Emotional Changes During The First Trimester of Pregnancy

Physical And Emotional Changes During The First Trimester Of Pregnancy

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Congratulations, you’re pregnant! Wondering what’s going to happen to your physical and emotional state now that you’ll be growing a baby for the next nine months?

No problem, I’ve got you covered. Lots of things will be happening, let’s take a look…

Physical Changes During the First Trimester:

Nausea: Commonly referred to as ‘morning sickness’, nausea can set in at any time, really. Your body is increasing certain hormones and decreasing others and all this hoopla can cause you to feel a bit queasy.

Nothing to worry about unless it’s so severe that it’s preventing you from eating. Let your doctor know about it either way so that they can keep an eye on it.

Fatigue: Another very common sign when you first become pregnant. Your levels of progesterone soar, blood pressure can decrease, your blood sugar levels can fall, and increased production of blood all have the ability to zap your energy and make you lag big time.

Take a midday nap if you can — if you can’t, then consider working in a quick walk to help wake you up a little.

Tender Breasts: If you don’t have a supportive bra, now is the time to go and get yourself one. Your breasts may become tender, swollen, or sore. All of the new hormones are to blame.

Food Cravings: It’s your body’s natural way of telling you it needs a certain vitamin or mineral. I remember being pregnant with my son — all I wanted was oranges and Chinese food.

This can go the opposite way as well — you may have loved strawberries before you became pregnant and now when you smell them, you want to vomit. Pregnancy hormones affect every woman differently.

Heartburn & Constipation: Food takes longer to reach your stomach and your stomach also takes longer to empty when you’re pregnant. This slower pace of digestion is helpful so that your baby can receive the nutrients from the food you eat during pregnancy but it can also cause you heartburn or constipation.

Drink plenty of fluids and eat small and frequent meals throughout the day to keep your body busy digesting.

Emotional Changes During the First Trimester:

Pregnancy, especially during your first trimester, brings with it a cluster of varied emotional states — all of which are completely and utterly normal.

You may be exhilarated one day and anxious the next. What’s important to keep in mind during these emotional bouts is that they can happen on a whim.

Mood Swings: These will happen all throughout your pregnancy, and shouldn’t be brushed off as trivial. Acknowledge them and keep track of your moods and always talk them over with your doctor if you feel they have the potential to get out of control.

Worrying/ Anxiousness: It’s natural to worry about everything that comes along with being pregnant. You should be continuously researching and keeping track of your health and your baby’s development to catch potentially dangerous situations.

Being anxious about your baby, labor, and the overall change this will bring into your life is common and happens to lots of woman and families. Put together a wonderful support team from the start to help talk you through the next nine months.

→        Always see your doctor or midwife regularly during your pregnancy and keep them informed of any and all physical and emotional changes.

→        Do your own research both online and offline about any changes you feel may be out of place and bring any concerns to your doctor. Working together with your doctor or midwife should be something that is done routinely throughout your pregnancy.


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