Physical And Emotional Changes During The Second Trimester of Pregnancy

Physical And Emotional Changes During The Second Trimester Of Pregnancy

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You’ve made it to your second trimester and you’re now half way to meeting your new angel. Here’s what to expect when it comes to your physical and emotional states during your second trimester of pregnancy.

Physical Changes During The Second Trimester

Breast Enlargement: Your milk-producing glands will enlarge thanks to stimulation from your estrogen and progesterone hormones.

Your best friend will be a supportive bra.

Growing Belly: Your uterus is expanding to accommodate your growing baby. Expect to gain three to four pounds a month until delivery.

Skin Changes: You may notice your skin getting somewhat darker in certain areas such as your face, around your nipples, and your Linea Negra (the lines that runs from your pubic bone through your tummy).

This skin darkening is a result from your blood increasing in circulation. Not all women experience skin darkening during pregnancy.

Stretch Marks: Your skin is expanding and may leave behind traces in the form of stretch marks. Some women never get them while others see many.

Applying moisturizing lotion to your body daily can help your skin stretch with less stress.

Stuffy Nose And Sore Gums: With all this increased blood circulation going on, your noses’ mucus membranes can easily become swelled, causing you to have a stuffy nose and sore gums.

Using a saline spray for your nose and switching to a soft toothbrush can help.

Dizziness: Not all women experience this but dizziness is a result of your blood vessels dilating to accommodate the excess hormones your body makes during pregnancy. And until your blood’s volume expands to fill the dilating vessels, you could experience bouts of dizziness.

Rising slowly from a sitting or lying position and drinking lots of water can help aid in the dizziness. Doctors also recommend lying on your left side to help restore your blood pressure to normal.

Shortness Of Breath: Your lungs are putting in some overtime processing more air into your bloodstream so that your baby gets enough oxygen. This can lead to shortness of breath for mom.

Take things a little slower if you’re experiencing this so that your body has a little more time to compensate.

Emotional Changes During The Second Trimester

Feeling Anxious: This is a common emotion that you will carry with you throughout your entire pregnancy. Being anxious for every one’s overall health, your labor, and having a new child is an emotion all mothers have felt.

Finding Energy: Throughout your second trimester, most women can agree that they’ve found their energy again. They feel more like themselves and not as fatigued as they had been during their first trimester.

Now is a great time to have date nights with your partner, take some child birthing classes, or plan the nursery decor. So long as you’re feeling up to it, tackle whatever you can in terms of planning to make things easier for when the baby arrives.

→        Always stay in constant contact with your doctor or midwife and inform them of any emotional or physical changes you are feeling throughout your pregnancy.

→        Listen to your instincts and your body and if something physical or mental doesn’t feel right, then it probably isn’t. Write your concerns down and go over them with your doctor or midwife.


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