Prenatal Vitamins Before Conception

Prenatal Vitamins Before Conception?

Posted on 12. Jan, 2012 by in Conceiving, Pregnancy Education

Eating a well-balanced meal is the best way to get the nutrients you need for both you and your developing baby.  Turns out that eating well-balanced meals and proper nutrition are also tied to fertility.  Prenatal vitamins have long served as a complement to eating well and helping mother get the nutrients they need for their developing baby.

But did you know that studies show that it may be just as important to start taking a prenatal multivitamin even before you conceive?

Recent research links taking prenatal multivitamins in the months before, and the month immediately after, conception to not only healthy pregnancy outcomes, but also healthy childhood development.

One 2011 study suggests that taking prenatal multivitamins before and immediately after conception might protect against compromised neurological development in children, particularly in genetically susceptible children.  Another 2011 study found a link between regular periconceptional multivitamin intake and both healthy birth weights and full term births.

Further research is needed of course, but based on these results all women planning a pregnancy should consider taking prenatal vitamins in the months before conceiving.

In light of this research, it is also important to know that not all prenatal vitamins offer equal quality, or equal absorption.  The official prenatal multivitamin of the APA is Prenatal Oxylent®, which offers an effervescent delivery system to ensure your body is able to absorb the nutrients it needs during this crucial time. Numerous scientific studies have shown that effervescent technology is better absorbed than pills or tablets.

In addition to superior absorption, the effervescent delivery system of Prenatal Oxylent also eliminates the need to swallow pills or tablets. Convenient packets mix into water to make a delicious sparkling drink that delivers a full spectrum of nutrients you need before, during, and after pregnancy—with no sugar, gluten, dairy, caffeine, or artificial additives.

The American Pregnancy Association recommends eating well-balanced meals to get the nutrients that both you and your developing baby.  The Association recommends prenatal vitamins as a complement.  Learn more about pregnancy nutrition.

Call for free samples of Prenatal Oxylent at 1.877.OXYLENT (699-5368), and visit for more information.

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