3 Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy

3 Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy

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When you’re pregnant, you need to be totally aware of what you’re doing to your body. Eating certain foods have been known to affect your growing baby while they’re in utero.

Here are three foods and/or ingredients to steer clear of while you’re expecting.

Certain types of fish

Fish, in general, is a healthy choice, but when you’re expecting, the mercury levels in seafood are cause for concern.

Certain types of fish like swordfish, king mackerel, and tilefish tend to harness very high levels of mercury which has a negative effect on your developing fetus.

While canned tuna is fine in moderation (no more than 12 ounces a week), it still contains trace amounts of mercury, so do keep that in mind when consuming it.

Undercooked or raw foods of any kind

Eating raw or undercooked foods at any time, not just when pregnant, can be very harmful to your health.

The threat of uncooked foods while pregnant, however, has the potential to do harm to your developing child.

Things like sushi, raw shellfish, and undercooked meats can all be eaten while you’re pregnant but just make sure they’re cooked to a proper internal temperature before you consume them.

This rule is also true of things like raw cookie dough – best to wait until your cookies are done before you give them a try.

Unpasteurized foods

Certain cheeses, for example, contain unpasteurized milk – Brie, feta, blue cheese, and Camembert just to name a few.

This unpasteurized rule also holds true for foods such as eggs and juices as well. If anything is labeled or considered to contain unpasteurized substances, hold off on eating it until after the baby is born.

If dairy is a weakness of yours, then opting for items such as cottage cheese, skim milk, and mozzarella cheese is your best bet.

Also, foods like hot dogs and deli meats should be cooked thoroughly even though they are considered ‘fully cooked’. Be sure to thoroughly wash your fruits and veggies before you eat or cook with them as well. The threat of lingering bacteria is very real.


  •   If you’re unsure if a food is safe to consume while you’re pregnant, then simply give your doctor a call.
  •  Always be sure to read the ingredients in prepared foods. If you are hesitant on trying or buying the food right then, keep a running list of foods and their ingredients and go over them with your doctor first to see if they’re okay to consume.


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