3 Ways to Document Your Child's Life

3 Ways to Document Your Child’s Life

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It’s the age of the Internet, this means as new-age parents, we have a lot more options for keeping track of our child’s growth other than the traditional baby book.

While the baby book technique has been tried, trusted, and deemed a very reliable way to keep your baby’s memories alive, there are other ways to remember your child’s first words and steps.

Here are three alternatives to the baby book.

Memory Journal

One can think of a memory journal as a sister to the baby book. While memory journals aren’t as in-depth as the baby book tends to be, they are still a fantastic and no-nonsense way to reminisce over your baby’s milestones.

Starting a memory journal is as easy as purchasing an attractive journal and writing down the memorable things your baby does. It’s up to you if you’d like to include lots of pictures, some pictures, or no pictures at all.

You could also jot the memorable things down on your smart phone or tablet while you’re on the go and then transfer them to your journal once you get home, this way there’s no need to lug the journal with you everywhere.

Start a Blog

Blogs are the happening thing, and best of all, they’re free to start and maintain.

You get to choose your blog’s name and the layout. You also have a virtually limitless amount of sites to choose where you want your blog to live. Sites like Blogger, WordPress, and LiveJournal are just a few of your options.

You can choose to make your blog private or public and you post when you see fit. You can add photos and videos as well to your blog posts which makes sharing your baby’s milestones with family and friends that much more engaging.

Just Shoot Video

If you don’t want to take on the duty of writing or blogging, there’s an option for you, and it’s a simple one.

Just record videos of your baby’s milestones.

There are numerous models of video cameras on the market today and they’re a lot different than the heavy and bulkier ones that were available years ago.

Most have a USB plug built right into them so that once you’ve captured your video moments, you simply plug the entire camera into your computer and transfer the video to a safe place on your desktop.

You can then send the video to family and friends via email. So long as you back up your computer’s information on a regular basis, you’ll store your child’s memories forever virtually.


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