4 Things You Can Do While On Bed Rest

4 Things You Can Do While On Bed Rest

Posted on 01. Feb, 2012 by in Conceiving, Pregnancy Education

Being on bed rest is always for the health of you and your child. And while it may seem boring or tedious that you can’t get up and go about your daily business, there are lots of things that you can do while you’re on bed rest.

Shop & Organize

You can shop for clothes, baby items, and cribs all online. And if you still need to contribute to the house while you’re on bed rest then ordering things like groceries and health/drugstore items can help to take the load off of your partner.

Make sure someone will be home to receive and put away the items — that’s not on your to-do list while you’re on bed rest.

You can also do things like reserve library books, book doctors’ appointments for the family, organize photo albums, start the baby book, work on your birth plan, find a pediatrician, think about baby names, and send ecards to family members for birthdays and anniversaries.

Keep a list of things needed to be ordered or done next to your bed and cross them off as you complete or order them.


You should always be researching and educating yourself about your pregnancy, your developing baby, and your family’s overall well-being.

As you come across things you may not be sure of or ideas/concerns that you want to know more about, keep a running list and go over it with your doctor or midwife.

If you have to be on bed rest, then you might as well hold your laptop hostage and put it to good use as well, right?

Talk to others on bed rest

There are lots of sites that have parenting forums and online clubs where you can engage in Q&A and small talk with other moms in your same position.

They can help answer some questions and become a welcome friend/community while you’re waiting for your baby to arrive.

Perhaps starting a blog (maybe even about being on bed rest) may also help you to easily connect and interact with other moms that are currently in your place now or have been there during one or more of their pregnancies.

If you prefer to keep your thoughts closer to home, then think about starting a journal. The act of thinking about, writing down, and documenting your feelings can help ease any frustrations or anxiety about them.

Put your mind at ease

No matter how long you’re instructed to stay on bed rest, it can get to you after a while, especially if you’re going to be alone for some time during the day.

However, it’s the ideal way for you to relax and you should take advantage of the calming factor of it all.

Do some meditating and deep breathing exercises to help keep your mind and body grounded and in the moment. Getting yourself to a peaceful state has tremendous benefits for both you and your baby such as lowering your blood pressure and keeping anxiety at bay.


  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help while you’re on bed rest. When family, friends, or neighbors ask if and how they can help you – take them up on their offer. Running errands, putting away the groceries, and even preparing freezable dinners are all fantastic ways for them to lend a hand.


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