Your Pregnancy Dreams Decoded

Pregnancy Dreams Decoded

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Some woman never have outlandish dreams while they’re pregnant, and some of us have such insanely colorful dreams that we can’t even put them into perspective.

Here are five of the most commonly dreamt about visions and what they could mean.

You’re breastfeeding animals

Sounds kind of odd, but really it’s just your subconscious prepping you for your role in the motherhood sphere.

Because you have yet to see exactly what your child looks like, your mind will often fill in faces with other things like animals, balls, and even sometimes just leaving the face blank will happen too.

You remove your child from your womb

This vision is mostly dreamt by those experiencing bouts of nausea and morning sickness throughout their pregnancy.

Your mind wants to remove what’s causing the discomfort so it allows you to remove your baby and then put them back when you’re feeling better.

You’re in the middle of a natural disaster or storm

You’re on the outside looking in. You can see and almost realistically experience what’s happening during the storm/disaster.

Your subconscious knows that this baby will most definitely shake things up for you and your family.

What you’ve come to know as normal will no longer exist; things like long showers and alone time will be a thing of the past once the baby arrives.

This dream is your mind showing you your soon-to-be frenzied reality in the form of a storm or natural disaster. You may or may not awaken before the storm is over and things are back to normal

You keep losing your baby

Not in the form of a miscarriage, but, rather, you keep misplacing your child.

We have always wondered if it’s possible to forget our children somewhere, be it the grocery store or elsewhere.

This dream is simply acting it out in your mind for you.

There are dinosaurs in your backyard

No, you’re not living in Bedrock.

This dream of a primitive nature is decoded as the act of a mother’s worrying about the dangers of giving birth through the years.

Back in the ‘dinosaur age’, it was much more dangerous to go through childbirth as all of the advanced medicines and preventive measures we take now to ensure the health of mother and baby were nowhere to be found through the ages.

Seeing dinosaurs in your dreams while you’re pregnant is your mind’s way of reminding you that while giving birth is a totally normal and natural thing to do, the older, more dangerous downsides to birth and delivery still exist in their archaic form.


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