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Top 5 Smart Phone Apps for Pregnant Women

Posted on 13. Feb, 2012 by in Conceiving, Pregnancy Education

Not to say that all of us ladies are toting around a smart phone these days, but the majority are.

And if you are a pregnant momma, I’ve found some of the best apps for you to download on your smart phone.

For you trying-to-conceive mommas, your post is coming soon. I’ve been compiling apps for you to use on your smart phone. Check back in the next few days.’s Pregnancy Tracker App is a leading pregnancy information site on the web today. When they were given the chance to create an app for a smart phone, they jumped on it.

What resulted was a very easy-to-use app that tracks your pregnancy and provides its users with 3D pictures of your baby so rich with color and clarity, you’ll think it’s your own baby on that screen.

Price: Free, yay!

iPregnancy’s  App


iPregnancy took its app development a step further. It created a pregnancy tracker that also allows you to store your vitals after your doctor’s visits.

Info such as your weight, blood pressure, fetal heart rate, and even your ultrasound pictures are all storable and easily accessible at the touch of a finger.

Price: $3.99

Babycenter’s App


First perk: it’s free!

With Babycenter’s smart phone application, you can easily navigate your way around answers to common pregnancy questions, look at fetal development, and watch award-winning birth videos.

Price: Free

‘Your BFF During Pregnancy’ App


Really, it’s not a lie. This application may very well become your BFF during your pregnancy.

Not only does it give you the low down on questions like ‘why should I put a bag of frozen peas on my breast?’, but it also effortlessly syncs with your iCal calendar to keep you on track and on time for you prenatal appointments and your to-do lists.

Price: $4.99

‘Foods To Avoid When Pregnant’ App


How convenient to have an app that you can whip out while you’re out to eat and see if everything you plan on consuming is safe for your developing baby to digest also.

All categories of food are covered here, from cheese to fish, this application has it all.

Price: $0.99


*           These smart phone applications are in no way meant to replace any medical advice from your doctor.

*           Always listen and abide by any medical advice and directions given to you by your doctor or midwife before, during, and after your pregnancy.


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