3 Fabulous Mom and Baby Activities to Do Together

3 Fabulous Mother And Baby Activities To Do Together

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Sometimes you may wonder what to do with baby while it’s just you and her? Are there age and developmentally appropriate activities that mother and child can do together?

You bet there are! Babies love getting out with their caregivers and seeing the world outside of their own home regardless of their age.

Here are three easy and awesome activity ideas that you and your baby can do together.

Go Swimming

When your baby develops her neck muscles – around 3 or 4 months – taking some swimming lessons is a fantastic way to spend some quality time together.

You’ll benefit from the aquatic exercises and your munchkin will be thrilled to get her legs kicking.

I remember taking my son for swim lessons at our local YMCA when he was about five months old and he enjoyed it so much that we continued the lessons until he was around four. I enjoyed our bonding time and he made some great friends as well as learned how to swim in a safe and encouraging environment.

Mother/Baby Yoga Classes

These exist – and they’re wonderful! Check your local YMCA or yoga studios around your area to see if they’re offering them.

Little ones love doing yoga, not only do they get to stay close to mommy, but they also love taking in the scenery around them and looking at what the other babies are doing.

Participating in yoga classes with your little one gives you both the opportunity to stretch, move, and help to relax and bond with each other – all while taking in some great health benefits as well.

Story Time at Your Library

Most libraries offer story time at various times throughout the day for children of all ages.

I used to take my son when he was a baby all the time to our local library and he always had a wonderful and engaging time.

Age appropriate books are read by a librarian or volunteer and often there is some kind of singing or craft activity that is done after the book reading has taken place.

Mothers and babies are encouraged to participate as much as possible and the best part is, it’s always free! So there is no excuse not to go, really.

➡         Getting out with your baby and doing activities that are built around the mother/baby model are an excellent way for moms to make new friends, find new happenings around your local area, and find support and trust in other moms that may be in your exact or similar situation.

➡         Mother/baby activities also allow for you to spend quality time with your little one and help foster and grow the maternal/infant bond that is so important for the both of you..

➡         Your child will benefit from interacting, watching, and participating with other children around their age. Their physical and emotional skills will be enhanced and their social contact will become engaged from the extensive benefits that mother/baby activities provide.


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