3 Ways to Prevent Diaper Rash

3 Ways to Prevent Diaper Rash

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Diaper rash occurs a lot in babies, but it doesn’t have to.

Most parents don’t know that using things such as baby powder, corn starch, and diaper rash creams are a great way to help prevent and treat problem diaper rash from starting in the first place.

Following a few easy preventive measures will help to ensure that your baby’s bottom remains rash free.

Change Diapers Often

This doesn’t mean you have set a timer and change your baby’s diaper religiously every five minutes. It just means to be aware of what’s in your little one’s diaper at all times.

If you know that your baby took a poop, then change out her diaper as soon as possible, don’t let babies sit in a poopy diaper – along with being extremely uncomfortable, it can most definitely lead to diaper rash and other problems with their skin.

Use Diaper Rash Cream Or Ointment

During each diaper change, simply spread a little bit of either diaper rash cream or diaper rash ointment over your little one’s front and back sides.

This will create a waterproof barrier so that the moisture from your baby’s bathroom attempts doesn’t sit on and penetrate the skin.

Just be sure to use a wipey at each diaper change to wipe off the old ointment or cream and then put some more on. The cream or ointment can tend to ‘cake on’ if you don’t wipe off the old one from the previous diaper change.

Use Baby Powder Or Cornstarch

I did this with my son and I can honestly say that we never had one day of diaper rash to deal with.

I simply would sprinkle some baby powder over his areas at each diaper change and that helped to whisk away moisture to his skin and keep him dry and fresh while his little bum was sitting in a diaper.

Use a little more baby powder at nighttime as your baby will be in their diaper for longer periods of time.


  •  If you feel more secure, you can add both a thin layer of diaper rash cream or ointment along with a sprinkle of baby powder at each diaper change. Just be sure to use the diaper rash cream first then the baby powder.


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