4 Ways to Encourage Tummy Time

4 Ways to Encourage Tummy Time

Posted on 16. Mar, 2012 by in Family, newborn

By three or four months, most babies will have relatively good control over their neck muscles. This means it’s A-Okay to put them on their tummy and have some fun with tummy time.

Even though not all babies are big fans of tummy time, it does provide some great benefits for your baby including strengthening their neck muscles and helping to engage motor skills.

Here are four ways that you can encourage tummy time with your baby.

Get Down on the Floor

Seriously – when you put your baby on their tummy, you get on yours too. Make funny faces, sing songs, bring out some mirrors, or arrange some brightly colored toys to help catch your baby’s attention.

Use a Pillow or Mat

Boppy pillows are a favorite among moms for tummy time. They give baby some help keeping their arms, shoulders, and neck elevated while providing baby with free movement.

There’s also an array of tummy time mats you can invest in which will help to engage your baby while they’re on their tummy.

Use Your Tummy

You lay on the floor, couch, or bed and place baby on your tummy.

Encourage her to look at you and reach for you.

Tell her a story or sing your favorite song.

Use an Exercise Ball

First, let me preface this point by saying this:

You never, ever want to leave your baby unattended while they are on an exercise ball. You must stay with them and with your hands on them at all times or they will fall off.

Some babies get a kick out of rolling gently around on an exercise ball. It provides an easy way for both mom and baby to interact while still allowing for your baby to strengthen her upper body muscles.


  • Tummy time is supposed to be a fun time for both mom and baby. If your baby doesn’t seem to enjoy it, don’t worry. Slowly increase tummy time by a few minutes every other day and before you know it, your baby will be enthralled with all the fun they can have on their tummies.


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