5 Smartphone Apps for Working Moms

5 Smartphone Apps for Working Moms

Posted on 02. Mar, 2012 by in Family, Working Moms

Being a mother is hard. And being a working mama is really hard.

But, this is the age of the Internet and it’s given us some wonderful gadgets (like smartphones and iPads) that we can use to help simply our life and keep our family organized while on the go.

Here are five apps to help any working mom keep her cool.

Grocery Gadget Shopping List

This little gem of an app lets moms create multiple shopping lists for various stores, matches coupons to on-sale items, and lets you compare item prices at nearby stores.

This app also allows for sharing – so you can send your lists to your partner so that you both aren’t stopping for milk on the way home.

It’s available for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Nokia, and Windows phones.

Price: $3.99


This nifty app turns your smartphone into a scanner.

It allows for you to scan an item’s barcode and it then immediately searches to give you multiple comparative pricing on the product at your local stores and online.

Brilliant, eh?

Available for iPhone, Android, and Windows phones.

Price: Free!

Mint.com Personal Finance

This great app shows you all of your choice accounts including checking, savings, credit, and investment.

Then it automatically obtains and categorizes each and every one of your transactions.

A great tool to help you stay organized and create monthly budgets related to your spending habits.

Available for iPhone and Android.

Price: Free!

Dragon Dictation

All you need is your own voice and this little app transcribes your every word.

Perfect for composing emails, lists, text messages, and reminders. You can even update your social media statuses!

It’s kind of like having your own virtual assistant right at your fingertips, on call, and free.

Available for iPhone.

Price: Free!

Nike Training Club

Work out on the go with all the help, information, training guides, and encouragement you need to help keep your fitness goals at your fingertips.

Nike Training Club acts as your own personal trainer by offering more than 85 personal workouts geared towards people of any fitness level – complete with comprehensive instructions and audio support.

Pick and design your workout regimen with guidance from some of the top personal trainers.

This app even gives you tons of choices so you’ll never be bored with the same routines.

Available for the iPhone.

Price: Free!


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