Sleep Solutions for Babies, Toddlers, and Older Children

Sleep Solutions for Children

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Have a newborn do you? Or even a three month old – how about an eight month old, or a toddler who thinks nighttime is play time?

We’ve all been there with our babies and kids, mom wants to sleep and baby wants to play.

Here are five ways to get your baby and kids down at nighttime.

Quiet Time

When it’s bedtime, your house should be brought down to a quiet level so that those kiddies going to sleep not only know that it’s bedtime, but they won’t be distracted by loud TV’s, talking on the phone, or people coming and going out of the house.

About an hour or so before bedtime, shut some of the lights off, turn down the TV, and let quiet time take over. Read a story to your toddler, give the baby her nighttime bottle, even giving a soothing massage and bath to the baby will all help bring the kids’ levels of calm down to where they can start getting ready for bed.

This is easier said than done, I know. But having a quiet house at night lets the kids start off bedtime peacefully and gives them a better chance at staying asleep for the night.

Pay Attention to Jammies

If you’re uncomfortable in your clothes, do you sleep soundly? I doubt it. The same goes for your kids and babies.

This is an area that parents often overlook.

Put them in comfy, all cotton outfits so that their clothes breathe at night, helping to reduce sweating, and becoming too warm or too cold.

And remember that kids and babies don’t have to sleep in actual pajamas. My son wasn’t a fan of anything too thick or thin, anything that had feet (think feety pajamas), or anything too tight around his neck.

So what worked for us (and still does to this day) is to put him to bed in comfy elastic-waist pants and a plain old t-shirt. I stopped buying actual ‘pajamas’ when he was a baby since they weren’t appealing to him and making him fussy during the night.

Think Temperature

Another area that’s often overlooked when it comes to bedtime routines is the temperature in the house as well as in the kid’s and baby’s room.

If it’s too hot or too cold, you don’t sleep well – so why would you think your children would?

Try to keep the temp between 65 and 70 in the kids’ rooms and throughout the house if you can. It’s a nice comfortable temperature for everyone in the house to get some sleep.

Pacifiers and Nighttime Diapers

For babies – those two things are heaven, and they can be for moms too.

Nighttime diapers are much more absorbent than regular diapers and gives your little one more room to go to the bathroom at night. They will give moms the peace of mind knowing that they most likely won’t wake up to a pee-soaked crib.

As for pacifiers, some babies love them while others simply never cared for them. If your child is a pacifier fan, don’t fret. If you don’t approve of keeping them with a pacifier all night, then once your little one is asleep, simply slide the pacifier out of their mouth if you’re afraid of them sleeping with it.

I know for my son, once he was asleep the pacifier would fall out of his mouth and off to the side. I would leave it with him so if he awoke at night he could find it. It worked for us and that pacifier was a life saver at night.

Listen to Your Kids

When it comes to sleepy time, my motto is ‘do what works’.

If it means that your baby sleeps soundly in a swing all night, so be it. If the only way to get your baby to sleep is to safely co-sleep or wear them for a while before bed (think babywearing), then do it. If it takes you to lay down with your child until they’re asleep, why fight it?

Being a parent is hard enough without adding additional stress at nighttime. Not all kids are good sleepers, not all babies will sleep through the night at three months, and not all toddlers can make it through the night without waking up a few times.

Listen to your kids and stay in tune with their needs – this is the best way for everyone in the house to get a decent night’s sleep.


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