3 Ways A Postpartum Doula Can Help You

3 Ways A Postpartum Doula Can Help You

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On the fence about hiring a postpartum doula? Don’t be. They’re so useful for any new mom to have that their services and support systems are virtually indispensable.

A postpartum doula is a helper who comes to assist you in your home after your baby is born. She is there to lend her support to a new mother in whatever way she can. Her visits are based on you and your family’s needs and can last from one visit to numerous visits over a dedicated amount of time.

Three of the best ways a postpartum doula can help you are as follows:

If This Is Your First Baby

Being a new mom can be utterly overwhelming. Hiring a postpartum doula to help you adjust and figure out how to be a mom to your baby can be exceptionally welcomed support for any family.

Your postpartum doula will lend a hand on things like breastfeeding, changing diapers correctly, emotional and physical support to the mom, family, and new baby, and even helping out with dinners, laundry, and pet care.

Your postpartum doula’s main concern will be in helping your new family work together to become one unified and stable unit.

If You’ve Had Multiples

One child is hard work – but multiples? Phew, talk about tiring.

A postpartum doula will help you and your family with your new angels – from showing you how to breastfeed two babies simultaneously, checking to make sure you’re healing correctly after the birth, and letting mama get some rest in between feedings.

You’ll appreciate her wisdom, guidance, and support while your family adjusts to its new larger size.

Having An Extra Hand In Everything

Not all mothers have the ability to call on their family to help out with the new baby. Some mothers have no family nearby at all and must rely on their partner for any support they need.

This lack of support system has the potential to allow numerous physical and emotional problems to arise – think postpartum depression, anxiety, slow healing after delivery, and even just feeling completely overwhelmed with your new baby.

A postpartum doula is trained to take in your feelings, acknowledge them, act on them, and be there to support you in the most non-judgmental way she can.

Having someone to lend their unconditional support in your time of need is the best medicine for any family who has welcomed a new life into their world.


  • To learn more about how you can find a postpartum doula in your area, visit DONA International.

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