4 Great Earth Day Activities To Do With The Family

4 Great Earth Day Activities To Do With The Kids

Posted on 20. Apr, 2012 by in Family

Earth Day is our annual reminder to appreciate our planet and this year it falls on April 22.

Nature has been taking a lot of slack from us since its inception and it’s time that we give back.

And what better way to do that than to teach our children the importance of respecting Nature by getting together and doing some activities that are centered around caring for the Earth.

Here are four great green things to do with your family for this year’s Earth Day.

Start A Compost Pile

Home-made compost is one of the easiest and more nutrient-rich fertilizer around. It can be used in anything that requires soil – think plants, gardens, lawns, and trees.

Making your own compost is super simple. Start by collecting all of your family’s food scraps in an air-tight container. Be sure to also have an outdoor bin that you will be using to contain the compost in while it ferments.

Dump your food scraps into the outdoor bin, add some leaves and other yard scraps and wait about 2-3 weeks, then stir it around so that the mildew doesn’t build up. Continue stirring every few weeks and in a little while, you and your family will have fantastic, free, and natural fertilizer for your yard and its plants.

Plant A Tree

Trees provide so much clean air for us to breathe that you can never have enough around.

Pack up the family and head over to your local nursery and agree on a tree that you all like.

Then use your organic compost to help plant it. The family will love tracking its growth through the years.

Visit Your Local Farms, Farmer’s Markets, And Nurseries

Show your family where their food comes from, buy fresh veggies, and help support local farmers and planters.

There really is no better way to become a valuable asset to your community than by helping out those closest to home.

Your local farmers work hard to provide families with fresh fruits and veggies, so let your kids help in picking some out and saying thank you to the farmers that will truly appreciate it.

Get Outside And Look Around

Earth Day is focused on our Earth, so take the family hiking, biking, or walking.

Stop to take in the beautiful scenery all around you, pick some flowers, guess the names of the berries, and snap some portraits of the kids frolicking in the fields.

Earth Day is a time to appreciate what our planet provides us with, and teaching your children the proper way to do that will ensure they carry on the tradition with their family one day.

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