Baby Stress? Curb It With These Tips

Got Baby Stress? Curb It With These Tips

Posted on 18. Apr, 2012 by in Birth, Family, newborn

You’ve brought your new bundle of joy home and you expected it to be all peaches and cream, but sometimes it’s not.

That distorted expectation that some moms have about their newborn can really throw them for a loop. It’s easy to become stressed and out-of-touch with yourself when there’s this new little being that needs your constant care and attention.

Follow these tips for when things seem like they’re too much to handle.

Take Care Of Yourself

Mom needs all of her basic necessities just like baby does.

Make sure to eat, sleep, and drink.

It almost sounds like a moot point, but it’s so easy to forget about you when your attention is focused on someone else.

Keep healthy snacks around like carrots, water, and apples to snack on throughout the day so you aren’t tempted to grab a soda when your energy levels drop.

If you have a partner around, take turns with them at night so that you can catch a few hours of uninterrupted sleep – it’ll do wonders for your energy levels.

Expect A Frenzy Of Emotions

If this is your first baby, then everything will be so new to you. Your life will feel like it’s out of control and everything that was before baby is now changed forever.

Know that it’s normal to feel the highs and lows of parenthood from early on. There will be some days that are smooth sailing while other days will be a nightmare at times. This clash of your mental state is normal and lots of moms have experienced it.

One minute you’ll be marveling at little tiny fingers and toes, and the next you may be crying because you can’t leave the house without two hours of prep time. Trust me, we’ve all been there.

Relax Your Standards

Can you be supermom? Absolutely you can be, but do you have to?

The vacuuming can wait, the laundry can pile up for one more day, and it’s certainly okay to eat cereal and toast for dinner.

Your baby doesn’t need a superwoman, they just need genuine love, care, and attention from you. The dust bunnies can wait another day, trust me.

Get Out Of The House

Fresh air does wonders for rejuvenating a stressed mom.

Put baby in her stroller and walk around the block, or take a long drive and clear your mind.

Find a baby/momma yoga class or even go visit a friend.

Know When To Seek Help

At times, you can feel such mixed emotions that they don’t seem normal to you.

Know when you need to ask for help and seek professional guidance.

The longer you allow yourself to go on feeling overwhelmed, the more of a chance you give yourself to create a hostile environment for your baby – and that’s never healthy.

If you feel that you can’t handle it anymore, pick up the phone or make an appointment with your doctor. Let them take over and point you in the right direction for help.

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