Help for New Dads

Help For New Dads

Posted on 30. Apr, 2012 by in Birth, Family, newborn

Pregnancy and newborn information is no doubt geared towards moms. It’s so easy to brush right over the father, his feelings, his moods, and his anxieties.

Women tend to expect men to jump right in and help out with their baby, but that’s not always the case. Men don’t usually compute their role in baby rearing all that well – some do, yes, but others need a little nudge in the right direction.

Here are three ways that can help dads understand their role and become more engaged in the baby process.

Get To Know Your Baby

This is such an important step. The more time that dads spend with their babies, the more in tune they’ll be at deciphering their needs and understanding them.

This way, when the baby is crying or fussy, dad will feel more confident and comfortable at settling down a crying infant.

Moms should help by letting dad in on what each cry means – what toys, motions, or moves help soothe baby, and what to do if none of those steps work.

Leave everything out and easily accessible so that dad doesn’t have to go crazy trying to find a bottle and a pacifier.

Communicate With Mom

Not all men are good feeling-talkers. Us ladies have learned that years ago.

So it’s important that dad talks with mom about the baby. Is she usually fussy between these hours, does she like her bottle warmed or room temperature, if she’s really cranky, try this.

All of those things are important for a dad to know, and it’s also imperative that the both of you are there to help and support each other through this big transition.

When two people become three, life changes in a big way. That transition isn’t always smooth for those involved.

Communicating with each other about what you’re feeling, what the baby needs, and how you both can work together will help ensure that your new world spins more smoothly.

Be Patient

Having a baby takes some getting used to. Handing off parenting duties, babysitting alone, and making sure that your child is well cared for is no easy task for anyone – be it mom or dad. None of these things are mastered overnight – they are all learned behaviors and tasks. The more you do them, the better one becomes at them.

True that, in some cases, it may come more naturally to a woman to instantaneously take on raising a child, but a man is always a great asset in his own right to his child.

The key is to be patient, learn the ropes, get to know your baby, and become a unified family unit with mom and baby to procure your child’s safe and stable future.

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