3 Lovable Ways To Guide Your Children

3 Lovable Ways To Guide Your Children

Posted on 25. May, 2012 by in Family

Parenting is chaotic, there’s no argument there. And sometimes it’s hard to remember that we’re dealing with kids – beings where every single thing to them is a discovery waiting to happen and a lesson waiting to be learned.

Us parents often overlook that we have to put ourselves back on their level at times so that we too can understand things from their point of view.

Here are three ways that we can guide, raise, and love our children with respect to their needs.

1. You First, Mama

Most of your child’s lessons will come from your behavior.

How you handle yourself in stressful, negative, positive, and life-turning moments serves as the basis for your child’s mental stability.

So, it goes without saying that if you’re an overreacter, overachiever, even if you stress over your body image – chances are, your child (regardless of their gender) will pick up on your cues faster than you can imagine.

The ultimate first step in guiding your children positively is to love yourself. Becoming comfortable with yourself means that you can be more present for your children.

And, after all, that’s really all your children desire – for their parents to be available to them emotionally, physically, psychologically, and mentally every day, all day.

2. Acknowledgment Counts

When our children lose their cool, we may be quick to want them to gain it back.

But what we should be doing is accepting their emotions. They’re kids; they want to touch, explore, play, and jump in puddles. If they didn’t, we’d wonder why.

When a tantrum erupts in my house, I hug – fully, lovingly, and with all my might. A mother’s arms, kisses, and soothing voice will trump any negativity every time.

3. Connect Lovingly

It can be hectic – trying to be everything to your children.

That’s why it’s important to give your children your presence.

Step away from your computer, leave your cell phone in the kitchen, and let the dishes wait.

Grab a book and read to your child, go outside and play hide-and-seek, or just sit, snuggle, and talk with them.

When you let your kids know in no uncertain way that they are your everything, not only do they appreciate it, but they crave it.

They want and need to connect with you on so many levels. Not only does it foster their self-esteem, but it also helps them develop their mental and emotional capabilities in the most loving and solid foundational way possible.



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