3 Ways To Help A Friend Through A Miscarriage

3 Ways To Help A Friend Through A Miscarriage

Posted on 04. May, 2012 by in Conceiving, Pregnancy

It’s so very hard to witness anyone go through a miscarriage, whether it happens to you, a family member, or a friend.

One of the hardest parts for an outsider is coming up with a compassionate way to lend your condolences.

Since we all experience and react to grief and loss differently, it’s impossible to have a universal route to partake in to be there for the one experiencing the loss.

Here are three ways that you can offer your blessings to one who is experiencing a miscarriage.


This is perhaps the easiest and most supportive way that you can help anyone that has experienced a miscarriage.

The human race longs to be heard, and it’s extremely rare that we find anyone who actually and wholeheartedly listens to what we have to say.

Even if it feels like you’re doing nothing but sitting there and nodding, you’re helping – a lot.

You may not have ever been in the same situation, and that’s okay, just the act of lending your ear to someone who needs to empty their emotions will be an instantaneous act of love and support to the person who is experiencing the loss.


Because this area is tricky – some women want their baby to be spoken about in the first person, while others deal better if the event is laid out on the table for what it is – acknowledging what is taking place and what was is a huge step in recovery for lots of ladies.

Showing your support by universally accepting and acknowledging her baby is what most women crave during their loss.

If you’re unsure of what boundaries to hold fast to, then simply ask or read her cues. If she’s speaking of her baby by name, then it’s okay for you to do so as well. If she is being more secluded about the baby, then you know to tread lightly until she opens up her heart a little more to accept her situation.

All babies deserve to be remembered and acknowledged, and most grieving ladies will admit that their and others’ acknowledgement is often the first step in the healing process.

Be Patient

Because we all react to loss differently, our times of healing vary greatly.

Some women wish to try again immediately while others will need more time to heal.

Continue to be a crutch, an inspiration, and a pure friend throughout their grieving process.

There’s no need for fancy chocolates or bouquets of flowers, what is really needed is a friend who’s willing to listen, acknowledge, and lend their support in a time of need.


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