4 Ways To Make A Mom's Life Easier

4 Ways To Make A Mom’s Life Easier

Posted on 16. May, 2012 by in Family

Let’s face it, us moms are busy people.

Taking care of our families, working, and keeping the house together can all become one stressful mess for us if we’re not juggling everything in the best way possible.

Here are four ways that your life as a mother can be a little bit easier, regardless of how many kiddies you have.

1. Cook Easy

In my house, my savior is my many Crockpots. I throw whatever I have on hand in them and we always have a delicious and home cooked meal waiting for us.

If Crockpotting isn’t your thing, then think freezer. There are many dishes that freeze well, so when time is of the essence, closing your eyes and pulling that casserole out of the freezer and throwing it in the oven to reheat, may just be your saving grace.

Your freezer is also great for safeguarding your prepping. Have a couple pounds of ground beef sitting around? Cook it up and divide it into freezer bags and pop it in the freezer. This way when you want to make something that requires you browning ground beef, you can easily cross that step off your list.

The same idea holds true for veggies – cut up some onions and peppers (or whatever else your family enjoys) and toss them into small bags in the freezer. When you need them, simply take them out and add them to your dish.

With so many free recipe sites available to you, having an easy and delicious meal at your fingertips can be a daily occurrence if you use your time and your freezer right. Meal planning helps bunches also.

2. Work Your UPS and Fed-Ex Drivers

These days, you can get pretty much anything you want delivered to your doorstep.

This includes your groceries, diapers, formula, clothes, health care items – you name it, the list is never-ending.

So why not use this modern convenience to your advantage?

Grocery shopping with kids isn’t always the most rewarding experience, so don’t even bother putting yourself through it unless you’re an extreme couponer.

Let PeaPod help you out, use Amazon or 1800Diapers.com to keep your diaper stock full, and let Drugstore.com ship your toothpaste right to your door.

3. Caress Your Computer Keys

If you don’t already have your bills on autopay – you need to set them up as such, and fast.

I can’t tell you how many late fees I would have accrued if it weren’t for my bank automatically sending money to my creditors, loans, and utility bills every month.

I find it’s best to send a little bit of money to my creditors weekly, which adds up to what they need by the end of the month. This way, I’m not scrambling to come with hundreds of dollars by the 30th of every month – and I find that I don’t miss the money coming out in smaller weekly amounts.

I can budget my monthly spending much easier as well with the smaller weekly payments.

Also, use your computer to refill and/or order your prescriptions by mail. Less trips out with the kids, means less stress for us moms, right?

4. Become One With Your Smartphone

They’re called ‘smartphones’ for a reason – use them as such.

Keep your friends’ birthdays, anniversaries, and your family’s appointments in your phone’s calendar and set alerts so that you’re reminded when the date is approaching.

You can also sync your computer’s calendar with your smartphone, so whether you’re home adding events or waiting at the doctor’s office, you’ll always be able to see beforehand what’s coming up with the family.


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