5 Fantastic Things To Do For Any Dad-To-Be

5 Fantastic Things To Do For Any Dad-To-Be

Posted on 18. May, 2012 by in Conceiving, Family, Pregnancy

We always focus on the expectant mother, and rightfully so, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t forget to include the dads-to-be in on the fun, because we do.

We don’t mean to, but we’re sometimes so busy focusing our attention on mom and baby that we can easily let dad’s feelings and involvement get pushed off to the side.

It doesn’t have to be that way, however. Here are five lovely ways to remind the dad-to-be that his life is going to change for the better.

1. Keep Him Informed

If he can’t make doctor’s appointments, then give him a detailed rundown of what happened.

When you come across something interesting in your pregnancy reading or research, let him in on it.

Discuss your fears, hopes, and anxieties together as a unified unit rather than keeping your doubts and expectations to yourself.

Pregnancy isn’t a one-way road by any means, and informing your partner of its intricacies is one easy way that the both of you can stay connected and go through the next nine months as an intimate and bonded couple.

2. Picture It

Buy a frame that tickles your fancy and insert your baby’s ultrasound picture in it. This way, your partner can keep it on his desk – or if he doesn’t sit behind a desk all day, then have an extra copy made up so that he can keep it in his wallet and take it out to brag when he sees fit.

Everyone he shares the precious picture with will want to wish him a happy journey into fatherhood, and I’m willing to bet he’ll gush with enjoyment and happiness.

3. Happy Reading

Just as there are pregnancy books for mothers, there are numerous ones written specifically for fathers-to-be as well.

Pick up a few at your local retailer and let him discover that he’s not alone in his parental anxieties, fears, and overall elatedness.

He’ll appreciate the gesture, and you’ll adore how sexy he looks deeply enthralled in his parenting books.

4. Personalize Something

Small gifts like a ‘I’m a dad-to-be’ shirt or mug can go a long way.

Not only are they gifts that you took the time to create, but they say a lot without too much frill.

If you’re the crafty type, then making something from scratch is a great way to go too.

5. Dig Deep

Put together a book or photo album of all the things he loved when he was little.

Include things like pictures, mementos, and even some hair from his first haircut. Also, add interesting things like news clippings from the day he was born, letters of parenting wisdom from family members, and arrange some photos of him growing up into a collage.

You can also add in recent things like a picture of your positive pregnancy test, your baby’s sonogram picture, and even your baby’s name if you’ve decided on one already.

You’ll have fun looking at all the small things he adored, he’ll love the juxtaposition of his early days with his own child’s new life, and you get to spend some time putting it all together with your child’s grandparents – win-win situation for everyone.

Know that your child will love looking at the finished product and being in possession of such a family keepsake when he’s older.



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