5 Things You'll Miss About Being Pregnant

5 Things You’ll Miss About Your Pregnancy

Posted on 02. May, 2012 by in Birth, Conceiving, Family, newborn, Pregnancy

It’s true, some ladies absolutely adore being pregnant while others utterly loathe it.

I enjoyed being pregnant and everything that came along with it. Although, I didn’t experience any morning sickness so I might be stating otherwise had I dealt with that – I hear it’s not fun.

Regardless, there are some sensational perks about being with child.

Here are five that you’ll miss, whether you want to admit or not.

1. Keeping Your Secret

If you chose to spill the beans on your pregnancy early, that’s wonderful. But some mamas tend to want to hold the secret in until the three month mark in case any unforeseen circumstances arise.

That’s the route I went and it was so exciting to know that I had a little one busily growing inside me while no one was the wiser. And when we finally let out our news, it was extremely cathartic seeing everyone’s warm reactions.

2. Naps

I adore naps, I really do. And the first three months of a pregnancy are extremely tiring on the body.

Your insides are so busy adjusting to a new life being formed that it literally wipes you out. So whenever I could throughout my pregnancy, I’d hop on the couch and catch an hour or so of rest.

It’s amazing what a cat nap can do a pregnant lady.

3. Not Counting Calories

Sure, some ladies watch what they eat whether they’re pregnant or not, but I didn’t count anything when I was expecting – except the days until my due date.

I indulged, went up for seconds, even double plated some evenings. For me, I relished eating for two and so long as my son and I were not in danger, it felt fine in my book.

And even after your darling child is born, should you choose to breastfeed – you’ll need extra calories to help your body produce its demand in milk, so you may get to ‘eat for two’ a little longer.

4. Being The Center Of Attention

Who doesn’t like someone giving up their seat for them, or holding a door open, or being waited on hand and foot?

When you’re with child, the world tends to become a nicer place for those few months – and that’s a wonderful thing.

5. Feeling Your Baby Moving

Oh how I loved those flutters and kicks. As soon as I delivered my son I missed them, and I still do to this day.

I’ve never felt so alive and more powerful than when my little one would move and thump inside my belly.

I loved to rub my baby bump and be woken up to an excited kicker.

It makes us ladies feel alive, all-encompassing, and divine in our right as life-giving forces. The kicks remind us that we’re so much more capable than we know, and that once our babies are born, we’ll continue to remain a huge life-force in their lives.


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