5 Ways To Deal With Negativity When It Comes To Your Parenting Choices

5 Ways To Deal With Negativity When It Comes To Your Parenting Decisons

Posted on 23. May, 2012 by in Family

Sometimes we as parents tend to forget that our choices, our decisions, and our parenting style is exclusive to ourselves.

That means that we will do for our children, our family, and ourselves what we feel is right by our own moral judging.

And this is totally okay and absolutely justifiable. But that doesn’t mean if we meet any type of resistance that our morale isn’t going to drop, or that we won’t take a moment to second guess our choices, because we will – and we do.

Here are five ways to handle the negativity that others give off when it comes to one’s parenting style and choices.

1. Let It Go

Just as you are entitled to your own opinions of others, they are entitled to theirs as well.

But that’s all they are – opinions. They are not rules, they are not standards, and they are not guidelines by which you need to heed any of your lifestyle and parenting choices by.

You can’t control others’ reactions and thinking patterns. The only thing you can control is your decisions and your ability to react to things and people around you.

If you firmly trust yourself, then no degree of interference, be it moral or not, is going to cloud the path to your grasp of what is righteous in your own respect.

Let others’ opinions of you, your family, and your parenting style be carried off with the wind.

2. Stand Alone

You already know that you’re not going to please everyone all the time, so hold fast to your parenting decisions, desires, and goals and stand up for them.

Be proud of your decision to raise loving and commendable offspring.

That’s not to say that you force your parenting styles on anyone at any time throughout you or your children’s lives, it’s just to say that you’re doing the best you can in your own circumstances – that in and of itself is reason enough to never doubt your choices.

3. Gather Your Masses

Put you and your family around those that aren’t going to be judgmental on any level, those that will give you free rein to parent how you wish, and those that will be there to listen without offering their opinions.

When one is nourished positively in any capacity, your willingness to grow as a mother and caregiver to your children becomes liquid and malleable, allowing you to gravitate towards that which can only raise you higher in mind, body, and spirit.

4. Don’t Take It Personally

It’s been said many times over, but I’ll state it again just for the record.

Misery loves company.

Anyone that intentionally seeks to diminish your views, desires, or morals is seeking company amongst their own sadness.

Don’t allow them to feed on you, your choices, and your decisions on how to parent your own children.

Let it go in one ear and the other and you’ll be amazed at how freeing it is when you use the negative energy as a motivational tool rather than a hindrance to your own ideals.

5. Breathe It All Out

Find your center and make it your master.

Meditate if you must, sit quietly with yourself, even take up Yoga or Tai Chi to help keep you centered and present.

Breathe in the positive and breathe out the negative.

Know that your parenting decisions are based on the purest and most unselfish love of all and that alone is enough validation that you and your family needs.



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