Tips For Keeping Your Kids Safe In The Sun

Tips For Keeping Your Kids Safe In The Sun

Posted on 29. May, 2012 by in Family

With summer approaching, that means our little kiddies will be frolicking outside a lot more.

That’s a great thing, but it’s also very important to keep them protected from the sun, heat, and dehydration.

Here are a few ways to do just that.


Kids and sunscreen are unanimous. If you’re sending your kids out to play or you’re going on a family beach adventure, having sunscreen with you is the way to go.

I tend to keep a bottle with me at all times, I have one in the car, one in my purse, and one in the beach bag. This way, I’ll never be caught without sun protection for me and my family.

Even if you don’t think it’s all that sunny outside, the sun’s rays seep through and you can easily get a sunburn so it’s best to always apply sunscreen repeatedly if your family will be outside for long periods of time.

For me and my family, I always purchase the highest SPF number of sunscreen that I can find. Right now in my purse, I’m toting around an SPF of 75 – and I’m not kidding. I’d much rather keep our skin protected and tanning slowly than burn and be uncomfortable.


Dehydration can creep up on you and your family members almost without your knowledge.

And with kids always running around, they may have no idea that they’re getting or feeling thirsty.

Always, always, always keep a water bottle (or two, or three) with you at all times and have everyone sip from theirs frequently.

Sometimes my son plays so hard that I literally follow him around and encourage him into taking sips of his water, else he’d go hours without any.


Keeping a bag with some snacks will come in handy for any family. Hungry tummies are no fun.

Nothing has to be gourmet or made by a chef from the Food Network kitchens, an apple, some carrots, maybe even some olives and crackers.

Toss in whatever you know your family will enjoy and offer them up numerous times throughout the day.

You know yourself, when you’re tummy is hungry, a bad mood/temperament isn’t far behind.

Clothing And Accessories

Things like hats and 100% cotton shorts and shirts do wonders for keeping your family cool when it’s hot outside.

Make sure that your kids’ clothes aren’t too snug or they may develop a heat rash.

To help prevent this with my son, I opt to buy his clothes (especially the summer ones) a tad on the bigger side, often I’ll grab the next size up in shirts and shorts and I’m always leaning towards the cotton threads. Cotton allows for air to flow more freely so there’s less chance of chaffing.

I also always keep a hat for my son close by. Nothing exciting, just a normal baseball hat, but this way he always has a handy way to keep the sun out of his eyes while we’re enjoying the outdoors.

  • If your family does catch some sunburns this summer, it’s best to keep some aloe vera gel on hand to help soothe the uncomfortable feeling while their skin is healing. Reapply it every few hours until the healing process has kicked in.

  • If you feel the need to talk to someone about any bad sunburns that may have occured, by all means contact your family doctor and let them know you have concerns. They’ll point you in the direction of sound medical advice and actions.



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