3 Ways To Start Saving Using Coupons

3 Steps On How To Save Using Coupons

Posted on 22. Jun, 2012 by in Family

We’ve watched the shows, we’ve seen the moms with coupons flying out of every place, and we’ve even thought to ourselves if we could be that kind of a person who whips out a coupon for everything.

If you’re interested in saving your family money and have the will to try your hand at couponing, here at three steps to get you started.

1. Start Small

It’s tempting to want to turn clip happy and start cutting everything that could be a coupon on the dotted line, but that will only make you feel like couponing is too much trouble and we don’t want you quitting before you start – so best to keep things on the small and easy side whilst you decide if couponing is for you.

Focus on two or three items that you need and want to stock up on to start with. This way, you can get a feel for how many coupons you’ll need, how the sales work, and how you have to figure in any additional state and local taxes.

2. Organization Is Key

You’ll never be a good couponer or saver if you’re not organized.

So invest in a binder, preferably a large one that you can throw those sheets that hold baseball cards in as those are great for helping you keep track of and organize your coupons and flyers.

You can choose to section off your binder into food groups or even how your local supermarket is laid out.

Also, make lists – lots of them. Write down what foods and things you’ll be needing, where the best sales are, and how much your final price should be.

If you don’t get yourself in the habit of being organized when you’re first starting out with couponing, then you’ll never be.

Get yourself in the groove of organization as soon as you start – and since you know you best, figure out what ways will work to your advantage keeping yourself on the neat and tidy track. It’s your best chance for survival when it comes to couponing.

3. Know Your Flyers

The key to saving correctly with all the work that you’ll be putting in couponing is to know your flyers and where the best sales are for that week.

You’ll want to take your time and go through any and all sales in your area so that you can use your coupons along with the sale – that’s how you’ll really save big.


  • If it all seems overwhelming to you, and it probably will at first, do your own research online. There’s plenty of mom blogs that show you how to start, sort, hunt deals, and maintain your coupon regimen so that you can become a frugal shopper for your family.

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