3 Things Our Children Teach Us

3 Things Our Children Teach Us

Posted on 15. Jun, 2012 by in Family

It’s easy to forget how fun being a kid was once we reach adulthood.

We become hit with the reality of bills, college, and responsibilities we never knew existed while we were busy having fun as kids.

But once we become parents, our children make us slow down a bit and rediscover our world through their eyes – and that’s a beautiful thing.

Here are three areas in which you may have forgotten you went through and experienced yourself growing up.

1. Time Is Meaningless

Our kids have no idea how long an hour is or that a month has an average of 30 days.

They get up, play and explore, and go to bed when we tell them.

Their concept of time is fluid and not easily perceived. It is us as parents who instill time and limits upon them, halting their play time and putting an end to their imaginary worlds.

If we really put ourselves in the moment with our kids, we too forget the concept of time. We are immediately taken out of our reality and plunged into the pure joy of playing and imagining what could be if our own worlds let go of any and all limitations.

Let your kids take you there as many times as they can, it’s a freeing thing to experience.

2. We Are Creative Beings

Ever watch or listen to your children talking to their imaginary friends, or sharing their worlds with the next door neighbors – taking those kids on a joint adventure to the moon or planet Funster?

Children draw and create the most outlandish characters and worlds – fully allowing themselves to thoroughly believe that these places exist and thrive, even if it’s for the short time they’re in them pretending.

Get on their level and visit their made up fun lands with them. Become Captain Spectacular or Queen Awesome and indulge in the nostalgia and awe that is total creativity.

I guarantee your troubles, frustrations, and anxieties will float away and you might even bring some of your imaginary characters from your childhood into the picture too.

3. The Now Isn’t Really That Bad

Responsibility isn’t demising – paying your mortgage isn’t that frightening – if you look at the big picture.

Sure penny pinching and meal planning may not be all they’re cracked up to be, but take it from your own offspring – life is grand.

Life is fun, fulfilling, and precious. We get to enjoy much more than we dislike.

A baby’s coo, your toddler’s inquisitive look of amazement when you let loose and dance in the kitchen, and your grade schooler’s awe when you solve their math problem with ease are all your everyday reminders to love your life even more since your children came into it.

Life is really all it’s cracked up to be, and your main responsibility is not only to be a fantastic role model to your kids, but also their very first hero.

So embrace your life as well as theirs and know that it’s all so much better than writing out your mortgage payment – life is love, courage, and creating.

And you’re doing a wonderful job if your family is cared for, loved, and provided for.


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