3 Totally Free Gift Ideas For Father's Day

3 Totally Free Gift Ideas For Father’s Day

Posted on 13. Jun, 2012 by in Family

With Father’s Day just around the corner, that doesn’t mean you have to dish out a fortune to show dad how much you love and appreciate him.

The best gifts for any parent to receive are the ones that come from from the heart of their children and family. They’re made with 100% love and adoration to their #1 guy and they are totally unique to your family unit and can never be duplicated.

Here are three absolutely and totally free gift ideas that any dad would be appreciative to receive from his family.

1. Memory Book

Such a simple idea yet what a fantastic way to shower dad with love and memories.

Not only is it free but the kiddies can help out as well which makes it an extra special treat to give and receive.

Grab an empty photo album or scrapbook and get to filling it with everything from photos to locks of hair and even drawings and doodles from the kids.

Dad will love to see how his kids have grown through the years, from taking their first step to graduating Kindergarten, his eyes will have a feast of love before him.

2. Do Some Of His Chores

Is dad the lawnmower man, the take out the trash guy, or even the wash all the cars guy?

Have you and the kids take on those roles and tell dad to sit back and relax, go fishing, or join the other dads in a game of golf.

Dad will adore his time ‘off’ and the kids will love getting to act like dad and do the ‘big boy’ chores.

3. Give Him Your Time

The best free gift around for any parent is their children’s love and time.

If dad is always working and doesn’t spend all the time he’d like to with the kids, then this gift is sure to please.

Mom can plan the day or the kids and dad can just wing it and indulge in whatever activity tickles their fancy.

Anything goes – from having a movie day to relaxing poolside with some ice cream to bringing dad breakfast in bed – you know the guy the best, so indulge in some of his favorite free activities to show him how much you all appreciate him being the best dad any kid and family could ask for.



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