4 Ways To Have A Happier Family

4 Ways To Have A Happier Family

Posted on 18. Jun, 2012 by in Family

We could all use more days filled with happy thoughts, pleasing visions, and succulent harmony.

It’s not that our families don’t deserve happiness, because we all do, but sometimes the happy tends to lie dormant in our everyday doings and we forget to call on it when we should.

Here are four ways that your family can be open and receptive to the goodness that life has to offer all of us.

1. Live What You Believe

Is there a cause that your family wholeheartedly believes in? Perhaps there is a charity that combines both kindness and fulfillment that your entire family can partake in.

Round the family up and set some time aside to dive in and reap the benefits of what helping others can teach everyone.

Being appreciative of what you have and showing your kids that even the littlest of helping hands and selflessness can make a huge difference in someone’s life will instill values of hope, care, and commitment that you just can’t get from a video game or computer.

2. Share Yourselves With Others

Make it a point to visit friends and family members on a regular basis. Have a standing session each Saturday at 2, let’s say, where visiting takes place.

If some of your friends and family live far away, no problem. Round your brood up and make cards, crafts, scrapbooks, baked goods, or handwritten letters to send them.

Alternately, you can also set up a time each week that your family video chats with those that live far. Everyone will be present and every family member can have their own five minutes or so to engage in genuine contact time with the recipient.

Not only will it keep your family connected to your friends and other family members, but both sides will get to appreciate the heartfelt gestures and genuine care that each family member feels towards the other.

3. Enjoy The Simple Things

It’s always the simple things that bring us the greatest joys so indulge in them with your family whenever possible.

These small things can be anything that your family will enjoy together such as eating lunch as a family on the patio, throwing on some backpacks and going for a nature walk, having a picnic outside on a gorgeous sunny day, even just cuddling on the couch and enjoying the latest Disney movie together.

No money has to spent, no lavish gourmet dinners need to be cooked, and no distance needs to be traveled.

Enjoy each other simply and enthusiastically and watch the little things bring your family closer to each other.

4. Always Have A Happy Ending

Life is too short to leave loose ends untied, arguments unresolved, and secrets hanging in the closet.

At the end of each day, close it by honoring your family members’ feelings, saying ‘I love you’ to each other, and working through any difficulties.

If you’re facing a roadblock of any kind in any family situation, think it through, talk it out, and put a plan in place so that the task becomes mountable and extinguishable.

Whenever you let things fester and marinate, they take on the appearance of obstacles. Stop them before they get this far and before you and your family feel like they’re too big of a problem to conquer.

The old adage ‘never go to bed mad’ has withstood the test of time for a reason – it rings true for everyone, it doesn’t discriminate and it doesn’t exclude anyone.

Let the last kiss of the day be the forgiveness that your family needs. Allow any trouble and anguish to become fluid and flow outward, away from your family. The goodnight kiss is a symbol that revives everyone for a new tomorrow.


  • At the end of the day, there’s nothing like the love of your family to lift you up and carry you through any difficult times. So love each other, appreciate one another, and respect everyone’s differences. You’ll be amazed at the happiness that finds you.



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