5 Summer Safety Tips For The Whole Family

5 Summer Safety Tips For The Whole Family

Posted on 20. Jun, 2012 by in Family

With it being the official first day of summer, what better way than to ring it in with some safety tips that the whole family can use.

As parents, we’re quick to forget about our own safety when we venture out to have fun with the kiddies, but the fact remains that danger lurks everywhere.

Here’s hoping our families have a safe summer with these five summer safety tips.

1. Sunscreen

The sun – how our kids love it, and so do the adults, but it’s never any fun to have to nurse a sunburn on ourselves or our kids.

To save everyone from peeling and uncomfortableness, be sure to carry sunscreen with you at all times. This way, it’s always within handy reach should an outdoor outing pop up even when not on your schedule.

2. Bug Spray

Mosquitoes, ticks, and flies – oh my.

While bug spray never keeps 100% of those pesky annoyances away, it does diminish their fighting power.

Ticks love to hide in grassy and wooded areas, so even though your yard may look pristine that doesn’t mean your family is safe from their grasp.

Purchasing and carrying a bug spray that contains DEET is your family’s best defense against mosquitoes and ticks.

3. Pool Smarts

Swimming pools are lovely refreshers for the entire family, but unfortunately they can be deadly for children.

It goes without saying that your kids should never be left unattended while they are around or in any pool, lake, or ocean.

And investing in arm flotation devices and life jackets greatly reduces the risk of accidental drowning for the kiddies.

Be sure that life jackets fit whoever is wearing them snugly, making sure that little heads and bodies won’t be able to slip out of them or else they won’t serve their purpose.

4. Playground Smarts

Countless accidents happen on playgrounds, and while some are unavoidable (as kids will be kids), many could have been prevented if we had just followed a couple of simple rules.

First, always thoroughly inspect whatever playground you decide to visit. Go around to each of the rides and make sure there are no loose parts, hanging apparatuses, and even check the rides’ temperatures.

Super hot monkey bars or swing seats can cause burns on children and loose or rusty mechanisms can mean an accident waiting to happen.

Second, be proactive when you know your family will be heading over to the playgrounds. Put your kids in breathable (cotton) and easy-fitting clothing so that they won’t be uncomfortably restricted as they run around and jump on the rides.

Also be sure their feet are properly covered. Even though it’s hot out, sandals aren’t a playground’s best friend. If your child is adamant about their sandals, let them wear them until they hit the playground, then change them into socks and sneakers once they get there.

Stubbed and bruised toes are no fun at any age.

5. Too Hot To Handle

Heat exhaustion, heat stroke, and dehydration are huge problems in the summer months for anyone, not just our children.

It’s almost too easy to be too hot, too busy, or plain not hungry and you could forget to eat. But that doesn’t make it okay.

Your family should always have water bottles with them at all times along with some easy-to-eat snacks such as granola bars, apples, and even meal replacement bars.

Kids love easy foods that they can effortlessly eat on the go, so plan out some snacks that the whole family will enjoy and include those that won’t spoil in the summer heat.


  • The key to enjoying summer safely with your family is to always plan and think ahead. Have a tote bag ready to go at a moment’s notice with all the summer essentials: sunscreen, water, snacks, bug spray, hats, and sneakers. This way, your safety is always at your side when it comes to the summer’s heat.


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