5 Yoga Poses For Conceiving

5 Yoga Poses For Conceiving

Posted on 01. Jun, 2012 by in Conceiving, Pregnancy

Can practicing yoga really help you conceive a child? Yes and no.

While conceiving is simply allowing sperm to fertilize your egg, there’s lots more that goes into trying to conceive a child. Things like ovulation and knowing your best times to conceive also play a huge part in the game.

What yoga will do for your odds of conceiving is help your body open up, become more relaxed, and help to center you in the present moment so that your mind isn’t wandering in all directions.

All of these benefits can absolutely add to your chance of conceiving a child.

Here are five yoga poses that may help you and your partner on your journey to parenthood.

1. Lotus Pose

In the Lotus Pose, your focus of the here and now should increase. Use this peaceful pose to draw in what you desire, meditate on your goals, and relax into your thoughts.

Your body will thank you by becoming more calm, lowering your blood pressure, and grounding itself to help you invite in what you’ve been seeking.

2. Legs-On-The-Wall Pose

If there’s a great way to steer those sperm towards your fallopian tubes, this is the best one we know of.

Not only is it a wonderful relaxer for your spine and hips, but the legs-on-the-wall pose utilizes gravity to help sperm towards their goal.

Feel free to stay in this position for as long as it is comfortable to do so and reap the benefit of clearing your mind while you stretch and straighten your spine.

3. Supported Bridge Pose

By raising your body into a bridge formation, you allow for your pelvic region to open and expand – allowing your blood flow to be increased and stimulation to occur to the lower parts of your body.

4. Cobra Pose

Probably one of the best known yoga poses, cobra pose not only opens your lungs and chest area, it also increases blood flow into your pelvic and reproductive organs.

While in cobra pose, focus heavily on your breathing and enjoy the stretching sensation as you exhale away your stagnant anxieties.

5. Wide Angle Pose

Talk about opening up your baby making areas!

Wide angle pose opens, stretches, and reinvigorates all of your hip and leg areas, flushing new blood into your lower regions.

This pose is an invigorating way to tell your body to open up and accept that you’re ready to experience motherhood.



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