3 Ways To Be A Happier Parent

3 Ways To Be A Happier Parent

Posted on 09. Jul, 2012 by in Family

We all want to be happier. It’s an innate longing within each of us that screams to be fed, regardless if you’re a parent or not.

But being a parent can sometimes cause us to forget how important it is to remember that we need to make ourselves happy first in order to be a complete whole for others to lean on us.

Here are three ways that will help you to become a much happier parent and person overall – expanding your worth to all facets of your family’s needs.

1. Forgive More

Nothing says bad mood like holding in regret, shame, anger, and hate.

Make peace with yourself for any wrongdoings that you have done to others or that were done to you.

Forgive yourself and forgive others. This could be as simple as writing a letter to someone but never mailing it, making a list of names that you feel you were harsh to or those that were harsh with you and letting yourself forgive them emotionally, or it could even mean calling the person and explaining your feelings, hashing it out, and then moving on.

You know yourself best and what way will work for you, so explore the aspect of forgiveness in your life and let all the negativity fall to the waste side.

You will feel so much lighter, freer, and grounded that you’ll be able to give more of yourself over to those who need you most – your family.

2. Have Happy Days

Use the day as a happy day – allow zero negativity to be had.

Revel in your children’s innocence, absorb all the love between you and your partner, and vow that today is a happy day and you and your family shall all share in a zero negativity policy.

It will be hard not to overreact or become upset or feel rushed towards something or someone, but your mind makes its own determination based on your actions.

You are the only one who can decide how happy, upset, sad, or affected you will be at any given moment by any outside force.

So take a day a week, or two, or even three, and declare them as ‘happy days’. By having your family join in the happiness, you’ll all reap the rewards that a drama free day can afford you.

3. Realize Your Gift Of Empowerment

Because you and your partner are your children’s first and favorite role models, it’s important that you’re constantly aware of your impact in and on their lives.

This means that your children will unconsciously lead and learn by your examples and your everyday actions. They will learn how to treat others based on your treatment of them and those around you.

With that in mind, understand that if you exhale negativity your family will breathe it in and a cycle begins.

So be mindful of your power and use it to set good examples and life lessons that will foster your family’s sense of righteousness and compassion towards themselves and others.


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