3 Ways To Support Your Child's Creative Side

3 Ways To Support Your Child’s Creative Side

Posted on 25. Jul, 2012 by in Family

It’s no secret that our children our creative – very creative. They can make an entire kingdom out of a box or soar to Hogwarts on a broom, all with a little help from their creative side.

As a parent, you are always there to support your kids and their creativity, you want them to think outside the box.

But it’s not always easy to figure out how exactly to support their wild imaginations in the most productive way.

Here are three ways to help you help your child’s creative side.

1. Give Them Space

Literally, give your children their own space in which to create, play, and imagine.

This could be your basement if you have the room, or if you don’t then give them a safe space that they can move about freely as well as come up with ideas for letting go.

And give them the tools they need. These can range anywhere from markers, to crayons, to an empty box, to old clothes, and even some paintings supplies.

You know that kids make messes, so be prepared. But it’s all in the fun of creating, right?

2. Encourage Them To Explore

Don’t shun their ideas or their imaginative ways, instead, along with giving them the space to create, encourage them to seek the beautiful out in everything they come across.

Go on nature walks, visit children’s museums, point out how blue the ocean is, teach them how to plant a garden – anything that they witness in their daily doings has the potential to foster their creativity even farther.

If you find a class somewhere that you know would help your child indulge in their passions, then sign them up. They’ll get to explore in a much more hands on way and meet others their age that they can bounce ideas off of.

3. Bite Your Tongue

The point is letting them explore their creative side – not yours. So if your child isn’t drawing a tree exactly the way you see them, let it go. They’re creating the world the way they see it – and that’s a wonderful thing.

Not only does it allow for your adult side to be taken back to your childhood, but it also lets your children know that not everything is black and white.

Their need to see things in their own way is the driving force behind their imagination. And for all you know, you may very well have the next Salvador Dali on your hands – and look how famous he became by creating things a little blurry and far from the norm.


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