5 Staycation Ideas The Whole Family Will Enjoy

5 Staycation Ideas The Entire Family Can Enjoy

Posted on 20. Jul, 2012 by in Family

Let’s face it, sometimes it would be so nice to get away but the money just isn’t there to take the entire family somewhere to rejuvenate.

The next best thing to do is round the family up and decide on a staycation – like a vacation except you stay home or really close to home. Oftentimes, it’s much cheaper than traveling far and the entire family gets to explore their surroundings.

Sometimes the best things around are right in your own neighborhood.

Here are five fabulous staycation ideas the whole family will enjoy.

1. Get Outside

Think picnic in the park, a hike on a nearby trail, even gathering the family to fly kites for the afternoon will work wonders for everyone’s stress levels.

2. Road Trip

This could be a simple drive to the next town over and sightseeing or it could be something bigger like a weekend trip that covers a few states.

Talk it over with the family and see where it is that everyone has been wanting to visit. Go online and find games and songs that you can engage in together as you take in the scenery.

3. Camp – In Your Backyard

Already have camping gear? Then this staycation won’t cost you a dime.

If you don’t have gear, then borrow some from a friend or neighbor or hunt down some deals at your local superstore.

S’mores and quality family time abound when you break out the tents and flashlights.

4. Think Differently

Has the family been wanting to try something a little daring like whitewater rafting? Or maybe waterskiing – even rock climbing?

Maybe you have a family of budding artists that would love to take a class together?

Whatever it is your family wants to try, make it happen.

Your family bond will be strengthened and sweet memories await you.

5. Girls Versus Boys

Mom takes the ladies somewhere special and dad takes the boys somewhere exciting.

The ladies can have a spa day, a trip to the theater, even take a crafting class.

And the boys can try the batting cages, golf, maybe some fishing even.

As a family, you can plan out your special day and take it from there.


  • The main objective when it comes to family staycations is to do something relaxing yet new and exciting all while staying close to home and saving some money. Ask family and friends what they’ve done on their staycations or hop online and search for deals close to home.


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