Getting Read For Baby - The Nesting Instinct

Getting Ready For Baby: The Nesting Instinct

Posted on 18. Jul, 2012 by in Family, Pregnancy

The Nesting InstinctSome women feel the need to get ready for the coming of their child. This often happens in the last month or so of your pregnancy, regardless if it’s your first child or not.

It’s been come to be known as nesting. You simply want to make your home a happy and inviting one for your new arrival.

Sometimes your nesting instinct will kick in and you’ll know exactly what tasks you’d like to accomplish, while other times you won’t know where to start.

If you feel yourself pulling towards creating a home suited perfectly for your baby, here are some areas that can get you on your way.

1. Organize

This could mean anything from organizing the baby’s room to color coding your bookshelf.

Organizing while nesting will mean different things to different women, and that’s fine. We all have different comfort zones, priorities, and instincts.

My nesting was cleaning out my closet and disinfecting everything I could spray Lysol on. I didn’t plan on it, those things just happened – I felt a pull to get them done before my son arrived. So I went with the flow and my son came two weeks later.

2. Cook

Having a variety of dishes in your freezer that can be tossed into the oven at a moment’s notice will seem like a huge undertaking, but boy will you thank yourself once you have a newborn around.

Not every family has people bringing them over meals when baby arrives, and by preparing your growing family with handy meals, that’s one less thing to worry about when your family dynamics change overnight.

3. Scrapbooking

It’s never too early to start a baby book or a memory book of your pregnancy while waiting for your little one to arrive.

And if you’re one of those mamas who likes to load up each page with fanciful decorations, then the sooner you start, the better.

Scrapbooking is also a wonderful activity that your partner and extended family can get in on as well.

Your child will appreciate looking through the months before their arrival and how they grew up.

4. Get Serious

The serious side to life isn’t always the fun one, but it does have to be faced and tackled.

Things like wills, guardians, and caregivers should always be on your mind.

The unexpected can happen to us at any time, and the only way we can help our children to prepare is to prepare their future for them until adulthood.

Talking these areas over with your partner in-depth will help the both of you come to a conclusion and a few options as to who will have your child’s best interests in mind should something happen to you during your child’s earlier years.

Do some research into the area both online and at your local library. You’ll find numerous amounts of help on the matter and when you’re ready, sit down and talk to a lawyer to hammer out all the details and fine print.

Talk to the potential caregivers and make sure they’re on board and ready to take on the role of caring for your child. While you can always change your mind throughout your child’s life, it’ll give you and your partner peace of mind to have a family waiting in the wings to love your child like their own.


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